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@TonyStark Republicans are in disarray and sheer chaos. They’re panicking because they’re so unpopular, they can only win by subverting democracy.

30% sales tax.

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@TonyStark I was a volunteer librarian and book fair mom at my kids schools in the 1980s and 1990s haha.. can you tell? :D Shoulda hired me .. not a single classified doc would have escaped.. or stayed escaped.. :D

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@TonyStark I always imagined that there was some librarian with a ruler in hand and a steely glare tracking down any wayward documents - to say the amount of escaped classified docs just sitting around willy nilly at all these officials homes makes me question my beliefs. Seriously.

May I suggest that U.S. intelligence agencies hire my ex-high school librarian to catalog all classified material?

She would hunt them down if they weren't returned on time.

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It's obvious, at least to me, that something needs to be done. Here are some real suggestions for things that can help reduce the incidence of firearm death in the United States. It's a great place to start!

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@TonyStark I will never understand why people think voting for a party that doesn't believe in government will produce good governance...

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They want to build us into another Russia. Or worse.
We do not need oligarchs or emperors.
We will be keeping our democracy….. kthx for nothing GOP 😬

The potential impact of this plan to people at lower and middle incomes is immoral and unjust so of course Republicans would float this as an idea along with defunding good government.

Because destroying the country for everyone except the few at the top is their mission.

No IRS (no taxes, no roads, no infrastructure.)

No EPA (no clean water, air or soil.)

No real court system (except for one stacked with oligarch judges.)

No democracy (.just theocracy, dollarocracy, and kakistocracy.)

No functioning House of Representatives.

The Republican Party is a national wrecking ball.

It’s their only purpose. When even Grover Norquist is telling you to abandon it, maybe your plan is a bad one. This is what electing Republicans gets, though.

Opinion- The GOP tax plan is to let the rich pay less and make you pay more-

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@TonyStark @N12nick

If no one steps down from the Court (or leaves somehow), when we get the House back we can work with the Senate to enact jurisdictional stripping. It’s an act of Congress that says what kind of cases Scotus can’t hear.

I loved this idea when a court activist suggested it, because then we’re not in the never ending war of each party trying to add more judges (if we changed the number of seats on the court).

I’m not against changing the numbers of seats, if it aids the court’s work flow (takes away need for shadow dockets). But I think it’s dangerous until we vote out all the republicans that insist on putting US public health & national security at risk.

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@donhawkins @KentNelson
I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt in that your reply seems to be not maliciously intended, so however terse it may seem, I'll explain.

Due to an influx of bad-faith actors jumping into replies lately, we've been dealing with a lot of misinformation, disinformation, strawman arguments, conversation hijacking, diminishing and dismissing of marginalized voices, and attempts to harass& annoy us to the point of giving up on social media.

That's not going to happen, but hopefully, you can understand where Kent was coming from. They're new to the instance but have already seen some of the nonsense& bs our Admin& Mod team goes through to keep our corner of the Fediverse free of trolls, racists, and bad-faith reply guys. (and girls)

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Doctor Fate's 5 Basic Rules for Communication

Before Posting, Ask Yourself:

1. Is it True?
2. Is it Sincere?
3. Is it Helpful?
4. Does it come from a Good Place Within Me?
5. Is it the Right Time, and Place?

If Yes, Please Post.

If No, Keep It To Yourself.⚡​

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Great article. Six points summarized below:

1. Ban Weapons of War
2. Keep Guns Away from Kids
3. Stop the Flow of Guns
4. Strengthen Background Checks
5. Strengthen Red Flag Laws
6. Treat Guns Like We Treat Cars

All great strategies for reducing gun violence - and all combined, even better.

I'd add one more, and that is to take gun laws seriously, and make it hurt if someone violates them. I'm not talking about a slap on the wrist - something more substantial.

We need to make sure that if anyone breaks a gun law - even a "simple" licensing infraction - it's serious, and it's going to hurt.

And a resounding YES on each of Your Points 1, 2, 3 and 4:

Vote. Out. Republicans.⚡​

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I understand the legal attempt to attach product liability to manufacturers of guns got kicked out by the courts.
So vote out the Republicans and make it law.
Bankrupt the gun makers.
Make them uninsurable
Junk their stock.
Then have a licensed gunmakers for government and the military.

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@TonyStark #Republicans know this. That’s why they gerrymander & try to limit & suppress voting.

Lots of Republicans constantly claim there’s “nothing” anyone can do about gun violence. They are lying.

Here’s a list of what factually could be done and work. Every option here is a perfectly legitimate example of something that’s well-regulated.

To make progress on gun safety, we have to vote out Republicans.
To make progress on climate, we have to vote out Republicans.
To make progress on or even maintain a educational system now, we have to vote out Republicans.
To make progress on reproductive rights or even maintain a basic level of them apparently, we have to vote out Republicans.

Are we seeing a pattern yet?

Opinion 6 solutions to gun violence that could work-

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Attention Virginia citizens living abroad! A special election is set for February 21 to fill a vacant House seat in Virginia's 4th district for the rest of the 118th US Congress. Be sure to register and request your ballot before the deadline on February 14. Go to

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Weird how this all worked in the long run. The FBI (via Comey) handed the GOP the win w/trump in 2016, with his October surprise.

…and trump being a petty psycho, and wanna-be mob boss thug & dictator, screwed them in a big way—lost the house in 2018, lost the senate & presidency in 2020.

FBI got cute in 2017, and didn’t really investigate their sociopathic alcoholic judge in Kavanaugh, guaranteeing they had the numbers to overturn Roe v Wade. How’d that work out for them?

Let’s see, oh that’s right…they lost special elections in….a red area of NY….and in ruby red Kansas. …and will keep losing, because most of us want safe, legal abortion.

They gamed the system, and screwed themselves.

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Nailed it, T.
All roads lead to Russia, usually through MaraLardo.

Weird how all this stuff leads back to Trump:

This feeds into the Grossly Obstructionist Party's line about "defunding the FBI". Why do you think they want to do that?

Billionaires around the world know it’s easier to bribe the FBI when the organization’s being defunded.

Hope prosecutors nail this particular employee to the wall.

And I'm guessing the FBI actually investigated their own, although maybe a bit more thoroughly than they investigated the accusations against Beer Loving Kavanaugh.

Former high-level FBI agent charged for aiding Russian oligarch-

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