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I got my first dose of the yesterday.

I got it at a CVS.

If any of you are trying to get an appointment and having trouble, you can try

I don't know if it will always be the case, but right now everyone who goes there is getting Moderna.

Also, here are a couple tips for navigating their site:

When you get to the point where it shows a bunch of cities, you must click in to see more options.

Do not abandon the search if all the cities seem too far away.

It's at that point that you need to click in, and it will open up more options for all the cities that have openings.

And just like other sites doing this, refreshing often will help when it seems like appointments are being added but you keep missing out on them.

They do get scooped up quickly when they drop in, and you can see that happening in real time.

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This can be an uncomfortable or difficult conversation for some. It is, however, incredibly important and incredibly necessary.

I recently had my first colonoscopy. They removed polyps which I just learned were benign. (Phew)

What I wanted to share was information relayed by my doctor in his letter about the results.

"The type of polyp removed is referred to as 'adenoma.' This type of polyp, when not removed can grow larger over many years and has the potential to turn into a colon cancer."

Due to that sentence, I felt the need to do a .

Here is more information:

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I just gave $25. to 1000 women strong (1KWS)


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A good read about one of the authors of Michigan's Prop 3 (putting abortion and related heath care in the state constitution) and the citizen led steps going back several years, including the 2018 Proposals, that paved the way for the blue wave success Michigan had this year. We couldn't count on the gerrymandered legislature to get things done, so we the people took things into our own hands via petition drives. It's important to use the guardrails of democracy to fight against the authoritarian trends from the right.

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Here’s another in my ongoing series on the fact that Latino voters are not leaving the Democrats in droves despite what lots of frantic reporters tried to claim going into the midterms.

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@MariaHill @toddo This is why Maria is my XO. Nobody else gets to it in the same way and so well.

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@MSUHiker Yes. In Pennsylvania, we've been able to get some hard won reforms and we are going to get more. Michigan is a great success story!

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Some brands to avoid on Cyber Monday if you oppose Tucker Carlson and Fox News are WeatherTech, Sling TV, TempurPedic, STIHL, and SimpliSafe. They are all current sponsors of Fox News Channel, which frequently promotes right wing conspiracy theories. Good alternatives exist for most of these products. You can browse the full list of current Fox News sponsors on our website:

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Yep! It's the Black Friday sale that's on for ONE MORE DAY! If you're a registered Georgia voter living overseas, ACT NOW to make your voice heard. Today is the last day to request your ballot as an overseas voter. Request your ballot here:

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Our friend Jill has a message for you: If you live abroad, there is still time to request your ballot for the Georgia Senate race. But you must do it TODAY. Go here now:

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* Georgia WIN List
* Georgia Working Families Party
* Georgia Youth Justice Coalition
* Indivisible Georgia Coalition
* Migrant Equity Southeast
* New Georgia Project
* Power the Vote
* Rep GA
* SONG Power
* We Vote. We Win.
* Women Engaged
* Young Democrats of Georgia

Many of these organizations also have volunteer opportunities available especially on the ground if that’s possible. Help and donate if you can or help spread the word about how to volunteer or vote on December 6th for Warnock. 3/3

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* Common Cause Georgia
* Democratic Party of Georgia
* Democratic Party County Committees
* Environmental Voter Project
* Fair Fight Action
* Georgia Alliance for Progress
* Georgia Coalition for the People's Agenda
* Georgia Conservation Voters Action Fund
* Georgia Equality
* Georgia Muslim Voter Project


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Raphael Warnock’s Senate runoff race (Dec 6) is once again a critical one for the entire country and Georgians. Help him and them win again by supporting these Georgia-based organizations.

These are organizations doing critical election work right now across the state specifically to get out the vote for the runoff with a special emphasis on organizations that focus on and are led by women and people of color. Even a small donation will make a difference. These are the people on the ground who know how to get out the vote.

* 1000 Women Strong
* ACLU of Georgia
* Albany Voter's Coalition
* America Votes Georgia Runoff Fund
* Asian American Advocacy Fund
* Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Atlanta
* Black Voters Matter Fund 1/3

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@TonyStark Great info, Tony! The turnout for Georgia is looking great with lots of time left to help out before December 6th! and help save democracy.

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@Brotherdog31 @TonyStark $15 to help

I know many outside of Pennsylvania helped us elect John Fetterman so I'm going to pitch in to help back.

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It really goes to show you who Republicans are that almost all Congressional Republicans (once again) do not denounce white supremacist extremism in society as a whole let alone denounce the depraved extremism of their party’s own members. Omission is complicity in the violence and especially in the rhetoric that leads to it.

Congressional Republicans were largely silent after POLITICO revealed Donald Trump dined with white supremacist Nicholas Fuentes:

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ACLU GEORGIA offers voter info and early voting dates at their website for the runoff election for US Senator. Check it out.

There’s early voting going on now and the link has the information for every county in Georgia.

Please try to vote early for the December 6 election if you can.

And while we’re on that, please vote for Raphael Warnock.

Herschel Walker is unfit to lead. His party no longer supports democracy or women’s rights and well, we just don’t support that around

Raphael Warnock has proven he’s there to work for the people of Georgia.

Voter Resource Center 2022 - ACLU of Georgia:

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