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I got my first dose of the yesterday.

I got it at a CVS.

If any of you are trying to get an appointment and having trouble, you can try

I don't know if it will always be the case, but right now everyone who goes there is getting Moderna.

Also, here are a couple tips for navigating their site:

When you get to the point where it shows a bunch of cities, you must click in to see more options.

Do not abandon the search if all the cities seem too far away.

It's at that point that you need to click in, and it will open up more options for all the cities that have openings.

And just like other sites doing this, refreshing often will help when it seems like appointments are being added but you keep missing out on them.

They do get scooped up quickly when they drop in, and you can see that happening in real time.

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This can be an uncomfortable or difficult conversation for some. It is, however, incredibly important and incredibly necessary.

I recently had my first colonoscopy. They removed polyps which I just learned were benign. (Phew)

What I wanted to share was information relayed by my doctor in his letter about the results.

"The type of polyp removed is referred to as 'adenoma.' This type of polyp, when not removed can grow larger over many years and has the potential to turn into a colon cancer."

Due to that sentence, I felt the need to do a .

Here is more information:

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It's a fallacy Republicans push that corporations would take tax cuts and reinvest into their businesses or workforce. This has been proven time and time again with every major Republican tax cut package that has been passed since Reagan.

The GQP has tried to cut taxes on the wealthy and corporations to zero, and when that hasn't (quite) worked, they simply gutted the IRS so no one would catch them cheating.

Build the IRS back. Restore fair taxes on corporations and the wealthy, and make sure there's adequate enforcement capability to make everyone pay their share. That's everyone as in all of us.

Opinion | Five former IRS commissioners: Biden’s proposal would create a fairer tax system:

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Demonizing the IRS is just another facet of the right's attack on good government.

If my goal was to build my own dynastic wealth by undermining faith in the government while clamoring for tax cuts based on a successful propaganda campaign to sell Ayn Rand to lower and middle income America, I would oppose the IRS funding.

Not being that, I'm 100% with Joe Biden. Enforce the damn laws, fund the IRS.

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Anytime I want to feel defeatist about our country, this is the columnist I turn to.

You can't assign the carbon impact of refining steel for rails to high-speed rail without also assigning the carbon impact of refining steel to automobiles and trucks. Compare -all- of it fairly, instead of just cherry-picking the impacts you want for one mode and ignoring the very same impact for another mode.

Initially, rail construction may consume more energy than normal, but once it starts running, it will save passengers the long trip to and from the airport, the hassle of driving, and all the extra energy involved and get more people more places they need to go. There’s no question that it will get better and energy effective as new sources of energy, like storage cells, are developed.   

Maintenance costs in countries with sophisticated rail networks haven’t caused any to declare bankruptcy yet.

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They run theirs very efficiently, it goes places people want to go, and connects to bus lines. Very well done.

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Being used to wearing a mask is good, because we’ll keep having reasons for wearing them even if it’s “only” a regular cold and flu season. Forming a habit of wearing them was and is a positive thing. We shouldn’t feel rushed or pressured to stop. Anyone who hassles you about wearing a mask is being a jerk and it would be sound judgment on your part to stop hanging out with them if that’s how you want to roll.

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Also under Biden's plan he's paying American workers and American companies to build the thing and that will be super for the economy. Not 'spending' but 'investment'.

Business is good for business and with this plan comes a lot of business, and people working for decent wages --  of course the conservatives don't like that.

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@BruceBanner @TonyStark The self-described fiscal conservatives I know like to talk about investment, but what they really mean by that is putting money into things that are going to exclusively benefit them or their interests. In their view, things that will help people they don't like (even if they will also benefit) are just "tax and spend."

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@TonyStark I've felt very fortunate to live in what is termed the "Acela corridor," Boston to DC (though everyone I know takes the regular Northeast Corridor train as the high-speed Acela is the first class-only train). I'd rather take a train than any other form of transportation. I can't read when I'm a passenger in a car but I can on a train, and an Amtrak seat is luxurious compared to an airplane. Always a window or aisle and never any turbulence. I hope in my lifetime I see the ability to easily take a fast train anywhere in the country the way you can take one in many other countries. My middle-aged bones would hurt to much to sleep on basically a shelf on a European train now, but it was a great way to travel when I was young and wake up in another city for some ridiculously cheap fare.

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I 100% understand, but everyone knows that if you're fully vaccinated, it's perfectly cool to see other fully vaccinated people, right?

I mean, we don't want to come off on our truth-based instance to others that we don't believe the vaccines work.

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This is not a replacement for Facesite-deleting former guy supporters, before I have to suspend any more.

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It's always interesting to see how writers who twisted themselves into knots to cut the former guy breaks similarly twist themselves into knots to try to find things to criticize Biden for.

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Going to be a little bit difficult to be bipartisan with this clown:

-McConnell told reporters in Kentucky that "100 percent of my focus is on stopping this new administration."

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"Bipartisanship" to Republicans means, and has always meant: Democrats doing what Republicans want when the Democrats are in charge.

You'll notice that during Trump's 4 years in office, bipartisanship wasn't even mentioned by them.

Democrats should ignore them. Most people are seeing just how vacuous and asinine the accusations from Republicans and their supporters in regards to bipartisanship are.

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I think we're all good here. We are pro-vaccine, pro-mask, and pro-doing-things-it's-safe-to-do-per-medical-experts.
@NatashaRomanoff @AgentCarter_SSR

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Here are 2 things you can do today to help maintain and fight for U.S. democracy:

Have you experienced any obstacles, difficulties, or issues while registering to vote, casting your ballot, or getting your vote counted? The stories of real people are powerful and persuasive and Stacey Abrams' Fair Fight Action is collecting them. Head over to Fair Fight Action to share yours-

And you can help make calls to collect these voting stories. These story-collection phone banks are happening Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Sign up here. Fair Fight Action does amazing work to protect the vote. :CTA:

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@Nebula There’s a term for that, but unlike Howard Stark, McConnell isn’t joking. He’s just a joke.

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No matter what you think about Musk, it's an amazing feat of engineering that SpaceX has managed to make a Starship land upright and not blow up.

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I hate his takes especially his covid will end by last April, but it's definitely an amazing feat of engineering. That is impressive.

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2 links-

1, thank you President Biden. This is the right thing to do.
Biden administration to waive vaccine patent protection -

2, your second Covid vaccine is just as important as the first -

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