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:wi: voters:

You have elections today for many important local races and a statewide race for state schools superintendent. Make sure you've voted and remind others you know to vote.

Local elections matter, as we've learned. Build the bench at the local level and we progress from there.

All polling places open at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m. An ID is required to vote. COVID precautions apply. All info is in the link.

What to know before you go to the polls for Wisconsin's Spring Election April 6- 🗳️ :vote:

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The voter registration deadline for our 2021 primaries is just one month away on May 3!

Make sure you're registered and check with your friends, neighbors, and family, too!

Voter Registration Application:

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Louisiana voters: make sure you vote today, March 20th, if you have an election. There are 2 U.S. House seats being filled and a few other local races.

Polls open at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m. Anyone in line at 8 p.m. will be allowed to vote.

Voters can find their polling location and sample ballot by downloading the GeauxVote Mobile app for smartphones or by visiting

Voters may also utilize the virtual voter assistant, GeauxBot, to access pertinent election information. GeauxBot is accessible by visiting

Voters should bring an ID with them to vote (Louisiana driver’s license, Louisiana Special ID card, a generally recognized picture identification card with name and signature such as a passport or a digital license via LA Wallet). Voters without an ID will be required to fill out an affidavit but will be allowed to vote. :vote: :la:

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We have 2 special elections coming up on March 20th in Louisiana for U.S. House of Representatives seats. There are also upcoming important local elections in Georgia.

Can you sign up to help text out the vote in Louisiana and Georgia this week?

Louisiana: They'll be texting to support Black Voters Matter's endorsed Congressional candidates (Candy Christophe & Gary Chambers.)

Black Voters Matter Georgia: They'll be texting to support candidates running for upcoming local elections in Warner Robins and Twiggs County.


Register here.

If they're full, sign up for updates or save the link and check back. :gotv:

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Reminder for voters:

If you live in Louisiana's 2nd district, early voting is going on now through March 13th for a special election you have on March 20th to fill a U.S. House seat.

All elections matter! Make sure you vote if this election is yours.
Early voting begins for Louisiana’s 2nd Congressional District –

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Louisiana residents of U.S. House districts and : Today, February 27th, is the last day to register to vote in order to vote in your special election on Saturday, March 20 for seats in the House of Representatives.

2nd district information:
5th district information:

Who represents you in Congress is important. Please register or check your registration online today: :vote:

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Reminder for Louisiana voters:

If you live in Louisiana's 2nd Congressional district or Louisiana's 5th Congressional district you have a Special Election coming on March 20, 2021 for a U.S. House Representative. There is a vacant seat in each of these districts.

The deadline to register to vote in these elections is February 27, online only. Register and make a plan to vote. Who represents you is important. Online Voter Registration:

If one candidate breaks 50 percent, they win the seat according to Louisiana's rules. If not, the top two advance to an April 24 runoff. :registertovote: :vote: :la:

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@TonyStark My rep is fantastic and I'm glad that all I have to do is thank her for supporting the moral, decent thing every time (my senators, unfortunately, are a different story).

For people who are new to calling their elected officials, it's good to program 202-224-3121 into your phone. I have numbers for the congressional switchboard, the White House, and all of my officials programmed under the letter P (for political, of course :bidengrin:​) before their names so they're in a group that's easy to find when I scroll. Hey, kids, it's a lot easier than it used to be!

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@TonyStark Thanks for giving us a script, Tony!

If anyone out there wants to call their senator but they're nervous about talking to a live person, you can leave a voicemail after hours. If you have to write down what you're going to say and rehearse before you call, that's not wrong. If the voicemail is full, you can also call their regional office in your state. (At the link, you can search for your senators and find out their office numbers.) Make sure to tell them your name and address, so they know you're a constituent.

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The information in this article can easily form the template for bringing legal action to permanently bar Trump from office under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment.

The impeachment trial is the GOPs last chance to retain *some* integrity before going down in flames.

Not holding him accountable would be one of the worst blunders in our history. Convict and be done with him.

Call your Senators today. Tell them why they must hold Trump accountable. Thank them if they plan to. 202-224-3121. Takes just minutes.

77 Days: Trump’s Campaign to Subvert the Election

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Call your U.S. House Representative today.

Rep. Jimmy Gomez of California introduced a resolution to expel Marjorie Taylor Greene. There have to be standards of decency for our elected representatives, and she does NOT meet them. Please ask your Congressmember to push to make this happen. This will likely be taken up in the next 48 hours.

Call 202-224-3121 to be automatically connected or look up their phone numbers and emails here:

Or you can use your smartphone and a service called Resistbot that automatically contacts your House Representative on your behalf to support this resolution. Text "Sign PXNRYF" to 50409 for an auto-generated letter.

Everything in this article can be used as a script. Any contact counts. Remind them we will be watching what they do. Thank your representatives who are supporting it. 📱 ☎️ 📞 🖥

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I don't share many petitions but this one is really important.

The American Postal Workers Union is looking for signatures for this petition to President Biden asking him to quickly fill the vacancies on the USPS Board of Governors with progressive, capable people.

If the three empty spots are filled correctly, Republicans will be in the minority and Louis DeJoy, the Postmaster General who has caused so many problems for us and postal workers, will be depowered.

Give it a sign, please. 🖋

The American Postal Workers Union - Sign the petition for a pro-postal pro-worker Postal Service Board of Governors:

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Today is the last day you can vote in your runoff elections for the U.S. Senate and flip control of the Senate to Democrats.

A Democratic-controlled Senate would pass help for you on health care, COVID relief, climate, and more. Winning Senate control would also allow Chuck Schumer, the Democratic leader — rather than Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader — to decide which bills come up for a vote.

Vote for both Rev. Raphael Warnock and and Jon Ossoff to bring 'yes' back to the Senate and end deadlock. :voteblue:

Mask up and drop off your mail-in ballot or VOTE TODAY, Jan. 5! :vote:

:warnock4ga: :ossoff4ga:
Voter hotline: 888-730-5816, seven languages spoken. ☎️
Where to vote:

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We need every vote to help elect Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff on January 5th. Everything from your healthcare to pandemic relief to your rights are on the line.

The GOP-led Senate is filled with the most corrupt, power-hungry, and unprincipled people imaginable and the 2 Republican candidates from Georgia are no different. They are a danger to our country. We must, must, must reclaim the majority from them. Please. Now is the time.

This election equals November's in its importance. Don't sit it out. Make a plan to vote.

Where and how to vote: :vote: :warnock4ga: :ossoff4ga:

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Help get out the vote in Georgia in these final days leading up to January 5th's runoff elections! :gotv:

Ground games are not safe during COVID, so we are relying on phone and text banks to answer questions and get people to the polls! Republicans are turning out so reaching every Democratic voter is important.

Here's a number of opportunities for you to volunteer in the final days from inside or outside Georgia.

Let me know if you sign up for one! THREAD 1/7

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Here are opportunities all over the country today through Tuesday.

☎️ 📲 for Georgia.

Callapalooza | Reclaim Our Vote

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Phone Bank for Daniel Blackman! - Grassroots Dems

It’s time to lower utility bills, get working internet for all of Georgia, and bring clean energy solutions to Georgia now. Join us as we follow the lead of organizers on the ground in Georgia to speak to voters about the importance of voting for Daniel Blackman on January 5th for the Public Service Commission.

:ga: :voteblue:

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Spanish Phone Banking for Georgia! · Grassroots Democrats HQ

¡Estamos muy entusiasmados de comenzar a tener bancas telefónicas comunitarias en español regularmente para alcanzar votantes en la comunidad de hispanohablantes Latinx y continuar el trabajo importante de llamando a los votantes de parte de nuestros candidatos Demócratas! 6/7

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