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It’s Day in , , , and .

If the past has taught us anything, it's that all elections matter deeply. Every single one impacts our daily lives in ways large and small.

Make sure you go vote today if you haven’t already. Your vote has an impact on everyone's life.

It matters. Make sure it counts.

If you voted early, thank you for doing your part. If you haven't, get out and use your right. :vote:

For more information on your polling place:

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If you or someone you know is on the fence about voting in primaries:

1. You shape the direction of your political party when you vote in a primary and help steer your party towards your priorities.

2. In some races, the primary result is the final result. This happens in districts that lean strongly towards one party. Sometimes all candidates running for an office are members of the majority party in the district, and the primary winner has no opponent in November.

3. You help create energy and excitement for the final election.

, , , and have on Tuesday, May 17th.

There's still time to get to know who will be on your ballot before casting your vote to help you to be a confident voter tomorrow.

Please show up if you're registered and haven't yet voted. :vote:

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Today is Primary Election Day in Texas! :tx: :vote:

Questions? 1-844-TX-VOTES

Find where to vote at

Local elections are not only important but critical for all of us.

If you are registered to vote in Texas, you can vote at any polling place in the county you are registered in. It’s going to be a nice day, sunny, and in the 70s. Go on out and let your voice be heard.

If you've already voted early, encourage others to get out and vote. These offices really do affect day-to-day life. It's important to vote in primaries.

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Early voting began on February 14th for the Texas primary election, and there's still time to request a mail-in ballot if you need to.

The primary election will determine who is on the ballot for the midterm election this November. Early voting officially began at 7 a.m. Monday. Voters have until February 25th to cast votes at early voting locations.

Here are some key dates:
Feb. 14 - Early voting begins
Feb. 18 - Last day to apply for a mail-in ballot
Feb. 25 - Early voting ends
March 1 - Primary Election Day

Early voting polls open at 7 a.m. and close at 7 p.m. on Monday through Saturday. Voting is open from noon to 7 p.m. on Sunday.

Here's a good guide to help:

It's no secret that local elections matter. Make your plan to vote if you're registered and spread the word. :tx: :vote:

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Texans: Today, Monday, January 31 is the last day to register to vote for the Tuesday, March 1 primaries.

Check out the different ways you can register before the deadline and register to vote if you're not. Check your voter registration today and update it if you're already registered. You’ll want to do this now to make sure you have no issues when it comes time to vote.

You can find a registration application online and print it out, or pick up a paper form from a voter registration office, your local library, or a post office. When you get the physical application, just fill it out, sign it and turn it in or mail it. It has to be postmarked by today if mailed.

Address adjustments can be done online or by form.

Texas Voter Registration |

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Local elections are happening across the country today, November 2nd.

Mayors, city council members, governors,
local DA's, school boards, ballot issues and more are on the ballot. Chances are good that you have an election to vote in.

Do you know who's on your ballot? Have you voted? Check now and make a plan to vote before your area's polls close.

A reminder: there are going to be lots of school board elections today and elections for several governors.

Remember how unhinged conservatives are coaching swathes of anti-maskers on how to disrupt and become elected to school boards? And trying to disrupt governors' life-saving covid plans and recovery plans? We can't let them win by drumming up irrational fear.

Local elections are critical. Go vote. :vote:

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Tuesday, November 2nd.

No list for this week, because there are Elections EVERYWHERE! If you haven't had an opportunity for or tomorrow is your last day! Get to the polls!
Don't forget to check the back of your ballot for important ballot measures that can affect not only your state but your community as well!

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:va: :vote:

Early voting is going on for 2 more days and ends tomorrow, October 30, for the November 2 elections. Any voter wanting to cast their ballot early can do so at their Voter Registration Office or satellite location. Anyone voting early should be aware that they don't need to have a reason to vote early, however, they must provide a name, address, and show an acceptable form of ID or, alternatively, sign an ID Confirmation Statement.

Voters can also return a mail ballot if they have one if it's postmarked on or before November 2 and received by noon on Friday, November 5 or they can take it to their local Voter Registration Office or drop-off location.

Curbside voting and accessible voting are available.

High turnout gets the best representation which gets the best democracy. Please vote.
Locations and more information:

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Tuesday, October 26th.

In there's a for Meg Zaletel in Anchorage Assembly District 4.
has a for State House of Representatives District Cheshire 9

If you're voting in Alaska, you also have the option to vote early for the Nov 2 election! Unfortunately, New Hampshire does not yet have in place, so you'll have to make a second trip next week.

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Tuesday, October 19th.

Rockingham has a Special for NH House of Representatives District 6.

Underhill, has a town select board recall election.

These may seem little, but they can have a big impact on their communities. If you ore anyone you know lives in these areas, remind them that

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Early voting begins next Monday, October 25th!
While most areas in the state will have local general elections, it's important to pay attention to the 5 statewide

Even if you don't have any election races in your community, it's vital to show up and vote on these measures!

Prop 1. Makes changes to the redistricting process statewide.

Prop 2. Creates a state constitutional right to clean air, clean water, and a healthful environment.

Prop 3. Authorizes the legislature to pass a law for same-day voter registration.

Prop 4. Authorizes the legislature to pass a law for no-excuse absentee voting.

Prop 5. Increases the NYC Civil Court's jurisdiction from civil cases involving $25,000 to $50,000

More than half of these affect the future of voting in NYS. We need to keep working to make voting easier and more accessible for all!

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If you live in-

MAINE :me:

The deadline for you to register in order to vote in your November 2nd elections is TODAY, Tuesday, October 12th. (ME and MN have same-day registration but if you miss the deadline but there's no reason to wait.)

Register if you're not, check your registration and be 100% sure you're still registered and everything is correct if you already are, and ask friends and neighbors if they're registered, too.

Democracy works best when everyone votes. And the first step is being registered.

:registertovote: :vote:

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Tuesday October 12th.

Silverton is holding a Recall for their mayor and entire city council.

A special general election for State House District 29.

Ralston Public Schools in have a local ballot measure special election.

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Tuesday, October 5

We've got 3 municipal elections this week.

Juneau has a general municipal.

Birmingham has a municipal run-off election.

Durham has a municipal primary election.

Also in there's a special for State Senate in District 3.

We're 5 weeks away from nationwide but it's important not to forget these smaller local elections happening all the time.

have a direct effect on your communities. Don't let them pass you by! Get involved and VOTE! Make your voice heard!

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Tuesday, September 28

Just one this week, but still important.

has a for House of Representatives District 118. This seat is currently empty, last held by Leo Pacheco(D) who resigned to teach public administration at SAC.

With everything going on in Texas as of late, it's vital to make sure that this seat stays blue!

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Tuesday, September 21st

Annapolis has a municipal this week.

Clayton County, BoE Dist 8

School District

Somerset, School District

Most of this week's elections are for various School Boards. These local elections are sadly often overlooked, yet have a massive impact on our futures.
School Boards decide everything from budgets& taxes, mask mandates, transportation, distance learning, and curriculum.

Your school, your vote -it matters.

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Good morning, .

Let’s make it a HUGE win for Gov. Newsom and California Dems. I want the GQP to be embarrassed for even attempting to recall him and wasting so much time and money.

Please take time to vote if you haven't. You can vote today in one of several ways and even register and vote today if you need to.

There is too much at stake - rights for women, minorities, LGBTQIA people, not to mention reasonable COVID procedures for the state and the state budget. I've worked some phone banks. Nobody I've talked to wanted Larry Elder anywhere near the governor's office. Some just didn't realize how important their vote was or that they still had to vote no if they were against the recall. Spread the word.

Voting starts at 7:00 A.M. and ends at 8:00 P.M. Be sure to :vote:

Polling places/ballot drop off boxes and instructions here:

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Tuesday, September 14

Busy week! We've talked a lot about#CaliforniaRecallElection but also...
has a for State House District 37.

Boston has a municipal primary.

Both Cleveland and Toledo are looking at municipal primaries as well.

Finally, a General Election in for State House Rep in District 29.

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Tuesday September 7th

A number of State House of Representatives on the docket this week.

District 78
Hillsborough 7
Cheshire 9

State-level House Reps craft and pass legislative bills for the state, (hopefully) looking out for the best interests of their communities. Make sure your Rep is representing YOU.

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Tuesday, August 31st

has a State Assembly in District 18 to replace Rep Bob Bonta(D) who was appointed to state AG.

In House of Representatives Dist 10 is up for grabs once again in a Special Election to fill the vacancy left by Jae Ellzey(R). Ellzey held the seat for only 8 months of his two-year term before he jumped ship to fill the vacancy of State Congressional Rep for TX 6.

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