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If you're a Georgia voter living abroad and want to vote in the Georgia runoff, here's our lovely volunteer, Brittany, with all you need to know to make your voice heard:

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If you live overseas and only just requested your ballot for the Georgia senate, you need to courier it back now. Questions? Contact us at: help AT votefromabroad DOT org.

If you're a Georgia voter living abroad and are having trouble sending it back, drop by our Zoom Room today! Free, expert advice. Go here to sign up:

Georgia voters living overseas: If you want to be sure your vote will count in the Georgia senate elections, go here and make sure your ballot was counted: Better safe than sorry!

Article: Record-breaking early voting in Georgia Senate runoff--The Peach State set a new record for daily turnout during early voting on Tuesday, after setting the previous record on Monday.

⏰⏰⏰ Attention all you California voters living abroad! You have until Dec 6 to make sure your ballot was received and counted and then to fix it if it wasn't! Go here for more details:


If you know anyone in Georgia, remind them that early in-person voting is underway for the U.S. Senate Runoff election.

Georgia residents can check their local elections office for specifics on polling locations and hours or call 866-OUR-VOTE or 888-730-5816.

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Was pleasantly surprised to see so many people out to #vote today in the runoff election. Line was out the door, past the dumpster, and around a corner at 3 PM.

Hats off to the #pollworkers, too - even with that long of a line, I was done voting in only 14 minutes. They were EFFICIENT, and surprisingly positive.

Go vote if you live in #georgia!

If you're a Georgia voter living abroad and have requested your ballot but are having trouble sending it back, drop by our Zoom Room today! Free, expert advice. Go here to sign up:

Paging all you Georgia voters living overseas who voted in the Georgia runoff. Thank you! Now finish the job by going here to make sure your vote was counted:

long post on accessibility advice from a blind screen reader user 

OK #Mastodon. I've seen several toots on #accessibility for #screenreader users, however, I've not seen one from a screenreader user (as far as I know). I've used ZoomText, Outspoken, JAWS (AKA JFW), Supernova, NVDA (Windows), and VoiceOver (both on Macs and iPhone). I don't have experience with Windows Narrator or TalkBack. I would like to rectify and clarify a few small things.
First off, any awareness of accessibility issues, and endeavours to make things more accessible is great. Keep going!
Blind/low-vision people have been using the internet as long as everyone else. We had to become used to the way people share things, and find workarounds or tell developers what we needed; this latter one has been the main drive to get us here and now. Over the past decade, screen readers have improved dramatically, including more tools, languages, and customisability. However, the basics were already firmly in place around 2000. Sadly, screen readers cost a lot of money at that time. Now, many are free; truly the biggest triumph for accessibility IMHO.
So, what you can do to help screen readers help their users is three simple things.
1. Write well: use punctuation, and avoid things like random capitalisation or * halfway through words.
2. Image description: screen readers with image recognition built-in will only provide a very short description, like: a plant, a painting, a person wearing a hat, etc. It can also deal with text included in the image, as long as the text isn't too creatively presented. So, by all means, go absolutely nuts with detail.
3. Hashtags: this is the most commonly boosted topic I've seen here, so #ThisIsWhatAnAccessibleHashtagLooksLike. The capitalisation ensures it's read correctly, and for some long hashtags without caps, I've known screen readers to give up and just start spelling the whole damn thing out, which is slow and painful.
That's really all. Thanks for reading! 😘

Our friend Jill has a message for you: If you live abroad, there is still time to request your ballot for the Georgia Senate race. But you must do it TODAY. Go here now:

Yep! It's the Black Friday sale that's on for ONE MORE DAY! If you're a registered Georgia voter living overseas, ACT NOW to make your voice heard. Today is the last day to request your ballot as an overseas voter. Request your ballot here:

Say it! If you know any Georgia voters living overseas, make sure they go here and request their ballot TODAY! Don't delay. The deadline for overseas, registered voters to request a ballot is tomorrow!

Hey Georgia! LOTS more early voting locations available Sunday. You can vote Sunday-Friday this week. Let's do this. 💪🏼#vote #gapol

Georgians, your early voting polling location may be different than your usual one. Go to to find your voting place. #gapol #runoff

Do you live overseas and want to vote Georgia runoff but are unsure how? Stop by our Zoom room help desk, and we'll walk you through it. Go here to sign up:

Nearly half of #SanFrancisco’s residents speak a language other than English at home. While there's a city law that requires access to government services in a few languages, too many of our #SF neighbors are left out.

1️⃣ Learn about what the League of Women Voters is doing to expand language access on a national level

2️⃣ Then tell your representatives to pass the Expanding the Vote Act!

#SFBA #SFBay #VotingRights #LanguageAccess

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