Summary of Senator Pat Toomey appearing on State of the Union this morning.

There is no substance to these fraudits and the only reasons they are being held are to undermine faith in democracy and give Republicans cover to pass laws that will suppress voters. 

The DOJ should be investigating all that are involved in these shams. They are tantamount to federal election tampering.  Until some heads roll, the fascist Republicans will continue to undermine our republic.

P.S. Keep planning to vote the GOP out with massive numbers.

Arizona recount results raise stakes for GOP-backed ballot reviews in other states:

You know, I don't even care if it costs money. I'd like to see the investment of our tax dollars benefit actual people for a change and not subsidize forever wars and the very corporations that purchase political power in our country. I'm happy to see my tax dollars go in THAT direction.

The Build Back Better Plan:

- creates monetary penalties for employers who violate workers’ rights to organize.
- gives tax credits for using domestic supply chains.
- reduces prescription drugs costs.
- promotes high-speed rail and other carbon-reducing infrastructure.
- supports 3.2 million jobs annually, including 1.1 million in the care industry.
- covers 2 years of free community college, 12 weeks of universal paid leave, and more affordable housing.
It is paid for by raising taxes on corporations and wealthy people who will finally start paying their fair share. The cost of inaction is far greater.

Biden defends his social agenda bill, saying the cost will be zero-

Things everyone should know:

Emissions by sector-

How much of CO2 emissions come from electricity, transport, or land use? What activities do our greenhouse gases comes from?

Kevin McCarthy actually said last week (and with a straight face no less) that ALL of the spending during the Trump administration was paid for.


It would be great if the press would stop calling these fraudits recounts at all.

Republicans didn't care about paying for the tax cuts and this plan actually is paid for over time. Go figure.

This kid gets it.

A school photographer told a first-grader he could shed his mask. He politely declined: ‘My mommy told me not to'

This is no joke. In reality, Dems shouldn't even give this credibility, no matter what it showed. It opens the door for more of them. It was based on a lie, Trump's Big Lie.

The sham results are indeed beside the point. These so-called audits, as the you say, are to mollify the former guy and appease his base and to keep the latter mobilized in a constant state of outrage. And worst of all, to keep voter restrictions passing around the country.

Because Republicans cannot run and win on issues, this is what they are doing.

I will run, walk, or crawl over broken glass to vote. They won't stop us.

Ya’ll, the VA elections have STARTED! These races are so, so important. Help get out the vote and vote! :voteblue:

Yes, anti-choice Governor DeSantis really has been withholding salaries from school board members who are trying to save lives...

Again, "pro-life" my a**.

Education Department repays Florida school board members whose salaries were withheld for enforcing mask mandates -

“I don’t want my daughter growing up feeling guilty because she’s white,” Matt Weyant.

No, you don't want her to hear some uncomfortable, historical facts. Learning about other people's experiences is how people develop empathy. And has anyone asked the kids? Kids seem fine learning about reality. Give them some credit.

Good for these kids for stopping a racist book ban.

In Central York, kids rose up to save books on MLK, Rosa Parks from their parents |

Wait until the people who are complaining about this find out about all of the other vaccines that have been mandated for schoolchildren for years.

Were they asleep?

Education Secretary backs mandatory school Covid-19 vaccines -

@threestars We have Republicans here who in PA are trying to do a fraudit too now. No one anywhere wants it.

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