Thank you for sharing that piece, Maria! A very good read indeed. Roe is just the first domino in the Conservative Court Cabal's drive to abuse their power and strip away our rights one by one.
It's up to us to vote in Democrats who will enact better checks and balances on the court via term limits& court expansion.

It is important to remember that safe options are still out there no matter where you live, including ways to get abortion inducing medication and how to safely self manage an abortion at home, abortion funds to help you travel to a clinic out of state if needed, resources to make sure you find legitimate clinics, and hotlines if you are concerned about something while self managing an abortion or making sure you stay under the legal radar when planning or having an abortion.

Here are some good resources for anyone in need of an abortion, regardless of where you live in the U.S.

A website that gives you reliable sources for where to find abortion medication regardless of where you live: plancpills.org

An international aid group that delivers abortion medication through the mail to people in the U.S. They will even send them to you if you are not pregnant, so that you can already have them on hand if you ever need them: aidaccess.org

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A website that has a lot of information about abortion, the different procedures, and how to get one. It especially has a lot of useful information about medication abortion: safe2choose.org/safe-abortion/

A list of abortion funds by state. Abortion funds can help cover the costs of an abortion and transportation and lodging needed for the procedure: abortionfunds.org

A hotline that can help you find help funding an abortion: prochoice.org/patients/naf-hot

A website that helps you find legitimate abortion clinics in the US: abortionfinder.org

Another website that helps you find legitimate abortion clinics in the US: prochoice.org/patients/find-a-

A website that can help you find an abortion provider and can link you to resources in your area and answer questions you might have: ineedana.com

A link to the list of Planned Parenthood clinics that provide abortions and also information on what happens during in clinic and medication abortions: plannedparenthood.org/learn/ab

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A hotline that is run by a group of medical providers; they can help answer any questions you might have when self managing an abortion: mahotline.org

A hotline that offers peer-based, trauma-informed emotional support to anyone having an abortion at home with pills: reprocare.com

A site that can help make sure you don’t end up at a anti-choice Crisis Pregnancy Center meant to talk you out of an abortion or report you for desiring an abortion: reproaction.org/fakeclinicdata

A document with current best abortion practices from the World Health Organization including the typical protocol for abortion using the medications misoprostol and mifepristone or misoprostol alone up to 12 weeks and a protocol for medication abortion from 12 to 24 weeks. This is for medical professionals but does have a lot of helpful information: apps.who.int/iris/bitstream/ha

A group of pilots who fly patients out of state for abortion and transgender healthcare services: elevatedaccess.org


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A site that can help you stay under the legal radar and guard your digital privacy when considering abortion or procuring/self-managing an abortion: digitaldefensefund.org/ddf-gui

A site that offers legal help for anyone aborting or experiencing pregnancy complications: reprolegalhelpline.org

Another site that offers legal help for anyone aborting or experiencing pregnancy complications: reprolegaldefensefund.org

Another site that offers legal help for anyone experiencing a negative pregnancy outcome (miscarriage, stillbirth, or pregnancy or birth complication) nationaladvocatesforpregnantwo

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Let’s spread awareness and resources and support those resources during this dark time for America. Many need our help.

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She can say she misspoke, but the audience applauded anyway.

"Victory for white life" sounds about right coming from the people afraid that Muslims, Jews, Black people, brown people, and immigrants are going to "replace" them. Force people to have babies they don't want! That worked out so well before 1973.


Want to know why things are how they are? Take a look at gerrymandering.

Elitist SCOTUS judges like Kavanaugh can make all the patronizing statements about democracy they want. The right wingers on the SCOTUS have already made it more difficult for the voice of the voters to be heard.

That's how this is going on in a country where most people want gun control and abortion rights are are getting neither.

If every voter who truly cares enough to save abortion as a right really shows up to remedy it, we can install Democratic majorities in each state legislature and governor’s office. Barbaric restrictions to abortion only last as long as they’re protected. But it's going to take awhile, at least as long as it look to get this way.

Supreme Court Throws Abortion to an Unlevel State Playing Field-
The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade shifted the abortion fight to state legislatures, where gerrymandering has given Republicans an advantage.

As Republicans seek to strip away our freedoms and liberties
- the freedom snd liberty to choose whether to use contraception or have an abortion
- the freedom and liberty to chose who we marry or have consensual sexual relations with
- we can stop them by throwing them out in Nov., for starters.

Miller has been called out in the past for quoting Hitler at a rally. She meant what she said, no matter what her note cards said.
She just let her subconscious say the quiet part out loud as the ground cheered.

@GooseTheCat It's as if she couldn't have done a thing to stop Kavanaugh, Gorsuch, or Barrett from being confirmed.

Murkowski opposed Kavanaugh but traded votes with Steve Daines so that he could be absent for the vote. If you are that sincerely opposed, you aren't willing to do that favor for someone. There would have been nothing in the world that could have made me vote to put Kavanaugh on the court. I'd take on risks to get friends abortions which could be reality now, but I wouldn't vote for Kavanaugh for them.

Murkowski alone wouldn't have made the difference to keep Gorsuch (54-46) or Barrett (52-48) off the court, but she didn't have to vote for them either. Even Collins managed to vote nay on Barrett.


All these rights are about privacy. Right now, no one but your doctor is interested in whether you have an IUD, implant, get a shot or take estrogen or progesterone pils for contraception, because you have PCOS, endometriosis, bad menopause symptoms, or menstrual migraines, or just don't want to menstruate. What is Thomas proposing? That your doctor will have to keep careful records on why you need these medications to make sure that it's not baby-prevention? Or letting the state outlaw contraceptives and too bad for you if you lose an ovary or have debilitating pain that had been well-controlled until someone brought a court case arguing that you should be forced to either be celibate or carry any zygote you conceive to term.



Also, not one of them had yet explained how it’s anyone else’s business who we have sex with or marry. Against other people’s morals so the state should regulate it? Fuck off with that.


This piece is so good.

Ziegler says that all that has changed is that conservative justices have the majority. Nothing about the country has changed. There's no reason whatsoever for the six Republican justices to take away rights that a previous court said belonged to us. (I'd amend that with, there's now a majority of justices appointed by presidents who lost the popular vote. Justices appointed by presidents that a majority of Americans didn't pick, foisting upon us a decision that a majority of us disagree with.

If they can take away the right to an abortion, they can take away any rights they want, and they are coming for other rights that we exercise now.



💜 & ☮️ & ✊🏼


It's all about white straight supremacy.

Why abortion restrictions disproportionately impact people of color-

After the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade, here is a look at how abortion bans disproportionately impact people of color. abcn.ws/3FkW0U4

Just because they are planning on eating you last doesn't mean they aren't planning on eating you too.

Roe is the beginning, not the end. Nobody is safe from what's coming, not even the MAGA-hats.

Going to buy a fire extinguisher after your house has already burnt down is not an amazing plan.

Murkowski vows to work on legislation in response to abortion ruling | The Hill thehill.com/homenews/senate/35

Who you elect as a governor matters. Even if you're cynical about other levels of government, it always matters.

NJ governor has message for women in other states who need an abortion-
Gov. Phil Murphy said New Jersey will “fully protect” abortion rights of women, including those visiting from states where the procedure is banned.


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