There's gotta be some form of kickbacks to Abbot somewhere along the plan. Grifters gonna grift.

Rep. Andrew Clyde must have seen how much attention his Georgia colleague Marjorie Taylor Greene was getting, so he decided to get in on the race to be the worst freshman member of Congress. Here he is, refusing to shake the hand of Capitol Police officer Michael Fanone, who was injured on January 6th, and fellow officer Harry Dunn.

Last night Rachel Maddow mentioned that the 14 members of Congress who voted against making Juneteeth a federal holiday would have that "stick to their shoes forever," so I'll make sure to mention that in conjunction with them. Clyde voted against that, as did Matt Rosendale, representative from Montana, who also features in the story.

Rosendale's chief of staff, James Braid, also snubbed Fanone.

Here's the list of members of Congress who voted against both the Gold Medal for Capitol Police for 1/6 and the federal holiday of Juneteenth:

Massie, Biggs, Rosendale, Norman, Clyde, Roy, Gosar


IF YOU CARE ABOUT YOUNG PEOPLE VOTING, you should know about The Civics Center.

About 4 million people turn 18 every year in the US. Most are eligible to register to vote before they graduate from high school, but will they register? In Georgia, between the November 2020 and the runoff election January 5, 2021, tens of thousands of young people turned 18 and became eligible to register to vote in the runoff.

Laura Brill took on this challenge and her work became The Civics Center. Find the info to join The Civics Center’s postcarding efforts at their website under the tab “About.” Their efforts, along with others', were instrumental in turning out voters for Georgia's last Senate races and they now work all over the country.

Check out their resources and programs at the website. Consider a donation. Now’s the time to begin organizing toward registering young people to vote in the November races. :CTA:

@guerrillascholar The moderators here have posted links to the mediabiasfactcheck.com site and the various iterations of the Fontes chart over the years, but this is the first time I've seen a study like this. Thanks for sharing it with us.

A valid question...does political bias of a news source predict the quality of information? Voices on the right claim “liberal bias” in the media, but evidence is tenuous. Liberal critics of conservative news outlets focus more on the accuracy of news than its political slant.

So, I did an experiment:

It's almost like they have the same agenda of dividing the United States and its allies...

Opinion | The absurdity of Putin’s lies should be obvious. Thanks to Trump, it isn’t. -

Putin’s main strategy against the U.S. has always been to sow division and erode democracy. He gets a big hand from Fox News and a number of GOP elected officials.

McConnell, unsurprisingly, is rejecting Joe Manchin's attempt at bipartisanship.

Time to move on. Leave the GOP in the dust.

U.S. Senate Republican rejects voting rights compromise | Reuters

2 other news headlines yesterday in the New York Times and AP:

•"People hospitalized with COVID-19 now have one overwhelming thing in common. They're not vaccinated."
•"Many Post-Covid Patients Are Experiencing New Medical Problems, Study Finds"

It amazes me that so many people are afraid to get the vaccine because of uncertainty about the "long term effects of the vaccine" (unfounded) but are willing to gamble on the what's becoming known, long term effects of a Covid infection. And this article and the others show there are plenty of reasons to be concerned about the long-term impacts of a Covid infection.

Don't be this man. If you're not or still need a second shot, get a Covid vaccine.

Texas man who declined COVID-19 vaccine speaks out after undergoing double lung transplant-

14 white male Republican House members voted not to have a federal holiday celebrating the end of slavery. 195 other Republican House members, all Democrats and independents, and all Senators managed to be on the right side of history this time, and as soon as President Biden signs it (maybe on June 19th?), Juneteeth will be a federal holiday.

Here they are:

Rep. Thomas Massie
Rep. Scott DesJarlais
Rep. Mo Brooks
Rep. Andy Biggs
Rep. Tom Tiffany
Rep. Doug LaMalfa
Rep. Tom McClintock
Rep. Mike Rogers
Rep. Matt Rosendale
Rep. Ronny Jackson
Rep. Ralph Norman
Rep. Andrew Clyde
Rep. Chip Roy
Rep. Paul Gosar

Included on the list we have the former guy's doctor, the guy whose own family campaigns against him, the guy actively vying to be worse than Marjorie Taylor Greene, the anti-abortion guy who tried to convince/pay for two of his mistresses to have abortions, and a bunch who refused to certify the vote (these are not mutually exclusive categories). And obviously, avowed racists.

$250,000,000 in the state budget for a border wall that's been proven useless many times over. He also wants Texans to give him their own land and money for the rest.

$0 in the state budget to help Texans pay the billions of dollars of increased utility bills they face from ERCOT's ineptitude, and zero done addressing the fact that ERCOT is still running Texas' electricity grid, even though it cannot manage hot weather, let alone cold.

Vote Greg Abbott out? If I were in Texas, I'd be demanding he resign.

Gov. Greg Abbott announces Texas is providing initial $250 million "down payment" for border wall-

@TonyStark Abbott is winning the race to the bottom for GOP governors today.

@TonyStark It would be great if people could not actually wait until something bad happens to them personally to care about it, but I think this man for speaking up and I hope his message will save others.

It's a good day for people who like other people to be able to have healthcare.

This also is a reminder that the GOP tries and tries to repeal this very popular piece of work, yet their alleged replacement plan has never existed.

USA TODAY: Supreme Court rejects major challenge to Obamacare for third time-

GQP trying for a decade to take health insurance away from working people while funneling more and more wealth to billionaires. Enough. The is the law of the land. It's helping people obtain healthcare and saving lives. Get over it, Republicans.

@MJ Charles Koch must have offered something they want, because they all seem to compete with everything they have. @TonyStark

We can't even count on Sotomayor, Breyer, and Kagan to protect LGBTQ+ youth in Philadelphia (which means everywhere) if Catholic Social Services or other religious groups don't want to serve our kids. The entire Third Circuit said CSS couldn't discriminate, CSS appealed to the Supreme Court, and just now the Supreme Court ruled unanimously to send the case back to the Third Circuit. Which is going to say what? We were wrong? It's ok to discriminate now? Freedom of religion in the USA means you don't have to serve LGBTQ+ people, including kids who will be homeless if you don't.

Happy Fucking



@TonyStark If conservatives and Republicans were serious about limiting abortion, they’d fund sex ed, birth control, and lobby for family assistance. They don’t.

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