Something fun for a Friday!
Welcome, Willow Biden! 😻​

The Bidens finally have a White House cat. World, meet Willow.
She’s a gray-and-white tabby that the first lady met on the campaign trail in 2020. She has ‘plenty of room to smell and explore’ in her new home.

we’ll get a lesser black woman

That phrase alone enrages me. The women on the shortlist for consideration have amazing resumes. Far better than the 3 appointments from TFG.

"President Biden’s “campaign promise that he’d appoint a black woman to the Supreme Court is unfortunate because it elevates skin color over qualifications,” sniffed the Wall Street Journal editorial board."

This is a good example of how even intelligent journalists can be wrong and/or exemplify systemic racism. At this level of job, anyone considered will have qualifications for the position. Who will be the best often is determined by other factors. In this case because there has been and remains so much overt racism and sexism and bigotry, the need to have a Black female candidate overrides the so-called "fairness" the WSJ snivels over. And to the WSJ....

Never mind how much better a Black woman has to be than her white male colleagues to attain the same position. Take Secretary Buttigieg, for example. I think he's very smart and doing admirably with communicating about infrastructure. And we finally have an infrastructure bill! But does anyone think a Black woman who was a mayor, not even 40 years old, who ran for president without holding higher office first, would be a Cabinet secretary? Or President Biden's own history? How many 30-year-old Black women senators have we had? (The number is zero. How many Black women senators have we had total? Two. Carol Mosley-Braun and current Vice President Kamala Harris. If you think it's because there have only been two qualified Black women in all of American history, please sign yourself up for a class in critical race theory, the real kind and not the Glenn Youngkin bogeyman, right now.)

@GreenFire @TonyStark

The fact that he made a poll about his shit opinion only makes it worse. I don't use birdshite anymore, but I hope he got roasted.

@MariaHill @TonyStark
Unfortunatly, the people who need classes like that are the least likely to take them.

@MariaHill, come for the political discussion, stay for the Effin Bird cartoons we can use for the dumbass Republicans of the world. ⬇️


By removing the ability to acknowledge slavery and racism in American society, Ron DeSantis and people like him eventually want to get to a point where students are never made aware that being treated unfairly is wrong. Because that's the society they need - one following their ideology without opposition.

Overbearing parents and legislators should turn their attention elsewhere because, to paraphrase certain scholars from the last millennium, those who do not learn from the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them. In most disciplines, progress is made by moving forward out of our comfort zones to confront our fears, overcome obstacles, and open our minds to new ideas to question and to gather more information for further questioning. Unless reasonable people can deter this wave of ignorance, the current generation of students in certain school districts and future generations will remain ignorant.

Ron DeSantis — white supremacy’s helicopter parent -

We are supposed to teach our children HOW to think, not WHAT to think.

Ron DeSantis doesn't even bother to hide his attempt to keep fragile white people in his base.

@YinzPittsburghers We are all lucky that due to the time and weather causing school delays and less people out that it wasn't worse. I'm already worried a lot going over some bridges.

By the way, Lt. Gov. Fetterman has been on site all day. :fetterman:

A lot of people ask why he's not campaigning more for Senate...he does still have an important job.

Ms. Marcus is exactly right.

It is interesting that the initial objections are racial and assume that no Black woman is qualified. No one has raised any issues with the quality of the legal work performed by anyone on the presumed short list. Meanwhile, the GOP has foisted appointees on the US who have questionable ethical pasts, extreme religious fervor, and extraordinarily sheltered upbringings. The quality of the legal work by most of the GOP appointees is transparently biased, disregards the work of their great Court predecessors, and has done some real disservice to the rights of the ordinary citizen.

The real likelihood is that Biden's appointee will have a stature which is far greater than the current gang of GOP hacks on the Court.

Opinion | The carping over Biden’s Supreme Court pledge is historically inaccurate and racially tinged:
What about candidate Reagan saying "it is time for a woman" before nominating Sandra Day O'Connor?-

Let's talk about the nation's failing infrastructure. This bridge collapse in is just 5 minutes from my home and one I travel a few times a week. It's a blessing there were no life-threatening injuries, and it didn't happen during rush hour.

This could happen any day and every day in thousands of towns and cities across this country due to our complete failure in maintaining infrastructure. Biden was right about this need and so many others. Let's get Build Back Better done--ALL of it!

Ron Johnson reminds me of Mo Brooks of Alabama - do nothing and scream a lot. They both belong on the trash heap of history.

I’m sure every GOP member who voted against the infrastructure plan is blaming everyone but themselves for this. I’m glad no one was hurt but which bridges are next in America!?

For my friends, here are the selfish, corrupt Pennsylvania members of the House who voted against the infrastructure bill:

Rep. Joyce, Republican of Pennsylvania voted NAY

Rep. Keller, Republican of Pennsylvania, voted NAY

Rep. Kelly, Republican of Pennsylvania, voted NAY

Rep. Meuser, Republican of Pennsylvania, voted NAY

Rep. Perry, Republican of Pennsylvania, voted NAY

Rep. Reschenthaler, Republican of Pennsylvania, voted NAY

Rep. Smucker, Republican of Pennsylvania, voted NAY

Rep. Thompson, Republican of Pennsylvania, voted NAY

Horrific event, but fortuitous timing for the President's speech. People need to stop trashing him for what he hasn't done and look at what he has.

Pittsburgh bridge collapses ahead of Biden's visit to talk about infrastructure:

Thank you, President Biden!

How is leasing to a Chilean company next to a popular tourist attraction, Indigenous land, and a wildlife refuge "America First"? (It wasn't.)

Biden administration cancels two Minnesota mining leases granted under Trump:

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