There were two other Arizona propositions that are worth mentioning in the context of this piece. Arizona voters rejected a move to make voter identification much more onerous and they approved a campaign finance reform initiative.

The people who worked hard and followed through on this initiative skillfully threaded the needle for a common sense measure on a polarized battlefield. Kudos to that strategy and cheers to the Dreamers.

Educating the members of one’s community is a core part of a successful, healthy society. If one wants to value the lives of the young in particular, education must be part of it.

It’s good to see that most Arizona voters value common sense. Voting matters. It always does.

We lost in-state tuition. Here's how we won it back for all:

@TonyStark This is a great story to start the day with. Organizing and working for common sense goals is a winning strategy. And it takes time. But that time is worth it. Would it be better if those in power weren’t constantly vilifying immigrants and Black and Brown people? Obviously. But this is a good story of baby steps winning the day for something that benefits everyone. Great job, Arizona.

Kyle Rittenhosue has been a guest of honor at quite a few GOP campaign events leading up to the midterm elections. A significant number of GOP elected officials have already proven that this is the norm for them, not just Trump.

Trump knows exactly who these people are. There are many members of the Republican Party that have enabled Trump and continue to do so. They’ve had numerous opportunities to stand up to him and stop him but have refused to do so. And the white supremacist
elements of the Republican Party and their supporters see this and have become greatly energized by it, so much so that the threats of political violence are now everyday worries for our country. That’s a threat to the survival of the country.

They’re not better than this.

‘F---ing nightmare’: Trump team does damage control after he dines with Ye and white supremacist Nick Fuentes-


The extremism has been in the Republican party for almost a century. Listen to Rachel Maddow's podcast Ultra to hear about how it took hold during WWII and before. It's in the party's DNA. Zero accountability, zero reckoning, swept under the rug.

@Rakielxx71 There are just a handful of good journalists writing for WaPo these days and I’ve been questioning my subscription constantly lately. That’s a National Review writer which if I wanted so see, I’d read that. Washington Post, I don’t.

The Washington Post bends over backwards anymore to whitewash and normalize Republicans’ fascism and neo-nazi associations.

Corporate media would rather a fascist government than even a center-left one, it seems. Hardly going to work out well for them.

@TonyStark I saw that headline and skipped that column entirely. "DeSantis" and "normal" don't belong in the same sentence unless you're talking about a normal curve in statistics and how far from center different Republican politicians fall from the mainstream American voter or something similar.


Vox is hailing Democratic strategist Simon Rosenberg as "one of a few voices in Washington who, despite President Joe Biden’s sagging approval ratings and polls that showed Democrats playing defense on inflation, remained optimistic about the party’s prospects and who was ultimately vindicated by a strong performance."

I recall the users of, who live all over the USA, in blue, purple, and a few red places, saying the same. And Democratic volunteers everywhere. I had a few nights when I was concerned that my perspective was skewed because I live in a highly Democratic neighborhood where there weren't even any signs for Republican candidates, but I believed that if Kansas voted strongly pro-choice in August, so would the rest of the country three months later.

Rosenberg calls this a "media failure" and says the media relying on Republican narratives and polling could have cost Democrats the House. That's not a liberal nor an impartial media.

@MariaHill @TheBatman @TonyStark @Rakielxx71

This is what happens when you scrape down through the bottom-of-the-barrel for candidates and supporters, something Republican politicians do all the time. There are all sorts of hideous things under that barrel.


To be sure, there is a connection between Republican politicians and political violence. And it didn’t just start with Trump, and it isn’t just a production of the past decade or two. Two big problems are when Ronald Reagan initiated his administration with "Government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem" and second as the Republican Party embraced the most extreme voices in the 2nd Amendment movement. Now, they can no longer reign in the most extreme voices without endangering their own political careers, something they will not do.


A good read about one of the authors of Michigan's Prop 3 (putting abortion and related heath care in the state constitution) and the citizen led steps going back several years, including the 2018 Proposals, that paved the way for the blue wave success Michigan had this year. We couldn't count on the gerrymandered legislature to get things done, so we the people took things into our own hands via petition drives. It's important to use the guardrails of democracy to fight against the authoritarian trends from the right.

Here’s another in my ongoing series on the fact that Latino voters are not leaving the Democrats in droves despite what lots of frantic reporters tried to claim going into the midterms.

@toddo "The media" is probably too facile an answer, but a lot of bad media coverage doesn't help.

I can only speculate that a lot of people have a fundamental lack of understanding of what the president does vs. what Congress does. I think there's a combination of a lot of Americans being not that interested and too exhausted to pay attention so what they get are soundbites. When you get 50 Republicans + Manchin and Sinema holding up Build Back Better, that's Biden "not doing enough." His approval rating dropped around the withdrawal from Afghanistan, which Americans broadly supported. TFG set the deadline, not Biden, but Biden is blamed for sticking to it because 13 of the 2000+ servicemembers died during the withdrawal.

I'm not suggesting Biden is a perfect president. There hasn't been one. But he's a very good one and the media does him a huge disservice of repeating these Republican narratives.

I have no concerns about Harris if Biden's health becomes a problem.

@MSUHiker Yes. In Pennsylvania, we've been able to get some hard won reforms and we are going to get more. Michigan is a great success story!

Some brands to avoid on Cyber Monday if you oppose Tucker Carlson and Fox News are WeatherTech, Sling TV, TempurPedic, STIHL, and SimpliSafe. They are all current sponsors of Fox News Channel, which frequently promotes right wing conspiracy theories. Good alternatives exist for most of these products. You can browse the full list of current Fox News sponsors on our website:

Our friend Jill has a message for you: If you live abroad, there is still time to request your ballot for the Georgia Senate race. But you must do it TODAY. Go here now:

* Georgia WIN List
* Georgia Working Families Party
* Georgia Youth Justice Coalition
* Indivisible Georgia Coalition
* Migrant Equity Southeast
* New Georgia Project
* Power the Vote
* Rep GA
* SONG Power
* We Vote. We Win.
* Women Engaged
* Young Democrats of Georgia

Many of these organizations also have volunteer opportunities available especially on the ground if that’s possible. Help and donate if you can or help spread the word about how to volunteer or vote on December 6th for Warnock. 3/3

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* Common Cause Georgia
* Democratic Party of Georgia
* Democratic Party County Committees
* Environmental Voter Project
* Fair Fight Action
* Georgia Alliance for Progress
* Georgia Coalition for the People's Agenda
* Georgia Conservation Voters Action Fund
* Georgia Equality
* Georgia Muslim Voter Project


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Raphael Warnock’s Senate runoff race (Dec 6) is once again a critical one for the entire country and Georgians. Help him and them win again by supporting these Georgia-based organizations.

These are organizations doing critical election work right now across the state specifically to get out the vote for the runoff with a special emphasis on organizations that focus on and are led by women and people of color. Even a small donation will make a difference. These are the people on the ground who know how to get out the vote.

* 1000 Women Strong
* ACLU of Georgia
* Albany Voter's Coalition
* America Votes Georgia Runoff Fund
* Asian American Advocacy Fund
* Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Atlanta
* Black Voters Matter Fund 1/3

Good read.

“Since research has found that low-income people, minorities, and mothers are more likely to take part in Black Friday sales than other groups, they bear the brunt of this criticism, a combination of classism, racism, and sexism.”

Why criticism of Black Friday shoppers is wrong -

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