"Banana Republic tactics" are what insurrectionists were using, Scott Perry.

Rep. Scott Perry says FBI agents seized his cellphone | AP News

Wasting taxpayer money should be on the GOP party platform at this point.

“We don’t have anything we’re specifically searching for” - ok, Jan.

Trump lost. Counting it more times isn't going to change it.

Butler County is reviewing its 2020 election mail ballots. The Pa. Department of State calls it a ‘waste of time.’ |

These ultra conservatives are so hyper-sensitive.

It must be so awful to have something on the menu that other people enjoy but you don’t like.

I never drink pop, but somehow I’ve been able to get over it that it’s on the menu, and worse, that people seated nearby are enjoying those beverages.

I also don’t like shrimp. So you know what? I don’t order shrimp.

Cracker Barrel adds Impossible sausage to menu, causes online stir -

I had to miss Pittsburgh Pride yesterday but a friend was nice enough to share their pics with me. :progpride:

Great to see Iceburgh, Brian Burke from the Penguins org, future PA governor Josh Shapiro, future Senator John Fetterman's family, and Steely McBeam in attendance.

Pittsburgh is a great, progressive city.

I always support the Democrat running against the Republican and fortunately it's been an easy pick where I live, but we do want something good to get out for and John Fetterman is going to win this primary and take this Senate seat for Democrats. :fetterman:

Under Trump, Conor Lamb was a rising Democratic star. Now, as he runs for the Senate, he’s fading away.

Recently, in my school district, now that the anti-maskers have had to quiet down, they found something new to go after: LGBTQ kids.

They've shown up at 3 consecutive school board meetings attempting to put forward actions to ban LGBTQ-positive books, ban the mention of LGBTQ students or parents, or ban even the right for a kid or change their personal pronouns or name for teachers to acknowledge them.

This is not how decent people act. This is not supported by the community, itself.

Needless to say, this situation got back to the kids, cruelly upsetting many.

Their response was to create, manufacture, and distribute these signs. They did it.

There's a lot of bad in the world right now and a lot of hate being directed at LGBTQ people. I wanted to share that there are lots of people who see and support you.

For my friends, friends, or anyone who follows elections:

Some Republican dude named "Mike Doyle" is busy playing games and is the only person so far on the ballot as a Republican to replace our own Democratic U.S. Rep. Mike Doyle who is NOT running (he's retiring.)

The PA GOP is only good for nefarious nonsense.

Worth pointing out that the PA Supreme Court just redrew this district from D+26 to D+15. Probably safe D, but in a large enough wave maybe a small percent making such a mistake would be enough to lead to an upset.

Oh good, another quack for government emerges. I'll never forgive Oprah for bringing us Mehmet Oz, the guy most likely to endorse horse dewormer as a cure for Covid. Not to mention that bag of noxious hubris, Dr. Phil, whose entire schtick is based on shaming people and tabloid stories. I appreciate her philanthropy but that's where it ends. 

Controversial Dr. Mehmet Oz joins Pennsylvania Senate race:

For my voting friends on our upcoming November 2nd election:

As you know, the Democratically-controlled PA Supreme Court saved our state on both redistricting and the TFG lawsuits. Can you imagine how either case might have gone if the court were controlled by Republicans? Not a pretty picture.

We need to hold the court.

Republicans are fired up to win the open Supreme Court seat and, sadly, Democrats don't seem to be on fire. As I'm out in the community, I'm just not seeing the enthusiasm for our Dem candidates.

Enter: YOU. Please, please, please use your contacts, your yard for a sign, your casual conversations with friends and family and stress the importance of voting for MARIA McLAUGHLIN for PA Supreme Court on November 2nd.

We see every day how much :voteblue: :vote:

Summary of Senator Pat Toomey appearing on State of the Union this morning.

When a person and the cult party who follows him thinks trying to win the election is worth dismantling and discrediting the established democratic system which facilitates it, this is what happens.

Republicans didn't get the result they wanted, so they're trying to chang the system to get it and ensure it happens next time and push a bogus narrative so their followers would want this.

That's their aim. Not to make anything better, just to maintain power through corruption and deception.

Pennsylvania Republicans call for Arizona-style election audit-

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