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Ranked choice voting is coming to NYC's mayoral primary next week, so far the largest municipality in the USA to use it. Other cities such as San Francisco have used it, and Maine used it in and got Democratic Rep. Jared Golden out of it. It's how New Zealand votes.

Ranked choice voting means you can vote for your top choice candidate without wasting your vote in a two-party system. All of those people you begged not to vote for Jill Stein, or if you're old enough to have done so, Ralph Nader? Instead you could have asked them to rank Stein #1 and Hillary Clinton #2. Or if they really had to (you know these voters), Stein #1, Johnson #2, Clinton #3, and not rank the former guy because none of us wanted to see him elected no matter what

While we're thinking about more complex voting than "this person or that person," let's talk about multi-member districts with proportional voting. That way, you'd have more than one person represent your district. Your congressional district might be combined with two others, and instead of everyone competing for one seat per district, all of the candidates would compete for all three seats, and the top three would represent you. There are disadvantages too -- minority representation can get diluted. The mapmakers have to look at keeping communities together in multi-member districts.

Maryland's House of Delegates has some multi-member districts, but there's a proposal to get rid of those and make all districts single-member. I got represented by two awful Republicans once in a Democratic area tacked onto a Republican one (terrible) but I loved the three-member Democratic ones. I'd hate the see the multi-member districts go.

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This isn't a setback just for Joe Biden. It's a setback for the whole planet.

This is positively Orwellian - the oil-producing states claim they will suffer "irreparable injury" if they even temporarily are restrained from their business of inflicting actual irreparable injury on the entire planet.

But this is what happens when get the courts get filled with cretinous right-wing servants of the coal, oil and gas lobby aka Trump appointees. Elections matter.

U.S. judge orders resumption in federal drilling auctions in setback for Biden-

Too bad Planet Earth can't sue for the mountains and mountains of evidence of "irreparable harm" caused by gas and oil leases doled out to fossil fuel companies and the states who grant them ginormous tax breaks.

Twenty-one House Republicans, unfit to be in Congress, voted on Tuesday against awarding the Congressional Gold Medal to all police officers who responded to the Jan. 6 violent attack on the Capitol by a pro-Trump mob.

Their opposition to the bill drew condemnation from some of their House colleagues, with one calling it “a sad commentary” on the House Republican Conference.

21 House Republicans vote against awarding Congressional Gold Medal to all police officers who responded on Jan. 6
By Felicia Sonmez

The GOP are really focusing on all the big issues to solve America's problems...

GOP senator introduces constitutional amendment to ban flag burning:

This is nice, but if the Republicans in the Senate think this symbolic gesture will show their racist ways don't really exist, they're a long way from standing in their own truths.

For starters, they can stop blocking our voting rights, needed police reform, and history from being known.

Senate Unanimously Approves A Bill To Make Juneteenth A Public Holiday-

I find it stunning, frustrating, and infuriating that there are still Americans who have access to a vaccine but simply refuse to get it.

I think about those in other parts of the world without our resources who are begging for the vaccine but can't yet get it.

Please, please get it if you haven't.

NYTimes: U.S. Nears 600,000 Virus Deaths Despite Progress From Vaccines:


Our courts should be representative of our nation's demographics; more diversity will make for better decisions and a better country.  

And for the inevitable complainers: If you take an uneven population and only add to it in line with the proportions of a reflective population, you'll always have an uneven distribution. Ergo, a population that is over-weighted with white men will require that more not-white, not-men be added to their ranks in higher proportion than their percentage of the general population to even begin to make strides in representation of thought, background, perspective, and yes, race and sex. 

Biden nominated as many minority women to be judges in four months as Trump had confirmed in four years-

@TonyStark This is a Biden promise and I’m glad to see it.

The Justice Department must be depoliticized. Pandemics must be depoliticized. Legal voter access to democratic participation must be depoliticized. Historically accurate approaches to talking about systemic racism must be depoliticized. Access to healthcare must be depoliticized. 

There is only one party who is politicizing everything they can while doing absolutely zero to help the American people right now. That party, the Republican Party, must be defeated in every election possible.

Nothing is more urgent or important now than to protect the rule of law, the integrity of elections, and the democratic process in this country. 

Opinion | Adam Schiff: The Justice Department must be depoliticized-

@TonyStark Thank you for reminding everyone to call their senator about this important piece of legislation.

I am frustrated by those who choose not to get the vaccine especially now when it's readily available. Mt husband & I are so thankful to have received ours in March. The only incentive we needed was to not get the virus.

Expressing hate speech against your gay, Asian-American city council member (who had the audacity to ring the bell and leave a flyer for someone else registered at your address on a Saturday afternoon) is bad. Threatening that council member is worse. (Those of us at who canvass know that we only contact registered Democrats and it sure sounds like this bigot is a Republican.)

Doing both of those things when you are an assistant attorney general? Maybe you don't have the right temperament to be a public servant.

@MariaHill I find it hilarious how people believe that by just saying they apologize that they was resolved of all from their actions.

Heat-related deaths could triple in the UK by 2050 unless urgent efforts to tackle climate change are made, the country's Committee (CCC) warned on Wednesday.

Courts are something that affects daily life. Elections matter.

I'm glad to see this progress on our benches.

I'm grateful that we have Adam Schiff defending our democracy.

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