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@GooseTheCat None of them were duped or whatever they're claiming. Murkowski is a little better than the others but they were told over and over.

We had an energizing demonstration yesterday in downtown for abortion rights.

Sharing some pictures.

Please attend these if you can in your area.

We discussed ways to support women and people in groups being attacked by this current wave of repression and how to support those seeking an abortion.

We discussed candidates and ways to get out the vote and talk to voters. Some of that we already do, but meeting up and motivating one another and showing our numbers built strength.

I'm not giving up and neither should you. Get involved. Support the people who need it. Vote. Help get out the vote.

I don't live in Pennsylvania but close enough to know how important November's elections are to the entire country.

I'm pitching in to help Josh Shapiro and Austin Davis get elected. I hope others will, too.
Support Josh Shapiro for Governor! We need your help to keep Pennsylvania in Democratic hands.
Austin Davis for Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania

Support Austin Davis for Lt. Governor! We need your help to keep Pennsylvania blue.

@TonyStark I have to admit I'm scared but I'm not giving up, either. I fear for where this country is headed.

But I agree we can't give up.
We're big fans here. Again, I don't live there but many dtown folks do and we even have emojis for him made by a previous moderator.

:fetterman: :fetterman2:

I've heard great things from them.

When even George Will knows it's bad.

The concept of originalism is nonsense. Not only have times and weapons changed, but the population of the U.S. at the time of the second amendment was approximately 20% of today's L.A. metro area.

The people who wrote this amendment were afraid of invasion from a foreign power, not their fellow citizens.

Let's look to the law of unintended consequences to follow this ridiculous ruling to its conclusion. I posted an article only about a week ago about how the idea of open carry was causing people to avoid public places.

Stores, shopping malls and town centers empty because people are afraid to shop with individuals toting 'open carry' weapons. How can I tell whether that weaponized person is a law-abiding citizen or a person on a murderous rampage? Do I just assume?

This is a recipe for the hollowing-out of the whole social strata that underpins our lives.

Opinion | The Supreme Court’s gun ruling is a serious misfire-

@TonyStark The difference between a good guy with a gun and a bad guy with a gun is the NEXT thing he does with the gun.

Not what he last did with the gun. Not what he last promised himself about gun safety. Not what he last promised himself about controlling his anger.

@TonyStark Great picture showing how the people who made this call have all the protection anyone would want.

Same party that denied covid wants no public safety. Who'd have thought?

Republicans stole two Supreme Court seats for Trump and another two were appointed by a president (Bush) who only took power because that Supreme Court stole an election for him. And together they're taking what's left of our democracy.

Conservatives on the Supreme Court don't just oppose abortion and want guns everywhere. They oppose democracy, because in a functioning democracy there wouldn't be a conservative Supreme Court majority right now.

If you aren't terrified by how the Supreme Court is now controlled by a bunch of Mitch McConnell installed, Christo-fascist right wing authoritarians as democracy hangs in the balance, you haven't been paying attention to the GOP's hard turn in recent years.

I don't much care how or why people voted or didn't in the past. That doesn't really matter now.

What matters now is how and where we show up today, tomorrow, and every day after that.

The Supreme Court’s new gun ruling means virtually no gun regulation is safe-

In here:

Justice Thomas: "[W]e should reconsider all of this Court’s substantive due process precedents, including Griswold, Lawrence, and Obergefell...SCOTUS has "a duty to 'correct the error' established" in landmark cases on the rights to contraception, same-sex relationships and same-sex marriage."

Just for people who think they'll stop with abortion or any other right that isn't enshrined in hyper-conservative, hate-filled Christianity.

They won't stop with gutting anyone's rights, even their own voters.

Get yourself involved.

@TonyStark Well this may not be “positive” action but I just called Rep. Ken Buck’s Castle Rock office ripping the staffer a new one. Saying this ruling is another reason to vote to remove Buck and every ( R) from office. After January they both can get jobs at the Franktown gun shop Ken has posted from.


This committee must necessarily include highly qualified, mentally healthy, independent physicians, psychiatrists and psychotherapists!

Judge Clarence Thomas not only has a God complex and severe dissociative identity disorder, but was certainly drugged or otherwise subdued by his racist wife.

Every third-rate athlete must submit to a health/doping test. It is high time that politicians and judges are subjected to similar standards!



The Supreme Court is no longer legitimate. They're historically low in polls.

People are talking about simply disregarding their decisions.

All Democrats for office in November need to make this a central point of their campaign so people know what’s at stake. It’s not just an abstract threat - Thomas is putting it out there in plain sight.

It needs a check. It needs a revamp. They're an unelected body with far too much power.



And we wonder why they just beefed up security for justices. Otherwise people could march outside their houses with signs make chalk drawings on the sidewalks outside their houses.

@CarolDanvers @TonyStark
Every Republican candidate in the US just realized they're going to lose the November midterms.

They've underestimated us.


I'm sad today for the people this will hurt but more than that, outraged.

I'm outraged by the Supreme Court's decision. I’ll never back down from this fight. Women must be able to make their own health care decisions, not politicians. I will make it my MISSION to VOTE every last REPUBLICAN out of office!!

@TonyStark @harmonyears2 @TrackerRoo
Some also lied.

What else are they lying about?

What the Trump-appointed Supreme Court justices previously said about Roe's precedent-
Comments made by the recent conservative additions to the Supreme Court on abortion rights are under fresh scrutiny.

Even if it didn't have the desired effect, I believe the protests made a difference in the collective consciousness. Just like Fridays for Future did. Of course, protest alone is not everything. It must lead to constructive action / change.
@TrackerRoo @TonyStark


I agree with our President. "What a sad day for this country ..."

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