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Republicans have severely miscalculated how much people want to hang on to already given and appropriately given rights over their own bodies.

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@phillyaccent Republicans in Pennsylvania keep hiring Lionel Hutz to handle their lawsuits.

Today, in Kansas, we vote on the important issue of whether or not the fanatics can have the right to make the government force their beliefs on others. They claim, in the debates, they're not going to. I know better. I am opposed to forcing religious beliefs, or even granting this ability, on others. Vote now. Vote "no". Also, vote for Kelly. She is doing a bang up job as governor through many avenues, including in 4 short years fixing Brownback's mess. My clan has found a way to vote and I know you can, too.

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:nkoWave:​ Hello and a good meowing everyone on a new Caturday! :blobcathearts:​ Have a wonderful day and stay safe ❤️ :blobcatroll:

I do not appreciate politicians who are looking for that "zinger" to bring people low without respect for their humanity. It's unethical. It's immoral. For those who say "it's just politics", it does not have to be that way. We can do better and work towards solutions to real problems like the environment or the looming world-wide economic crisis. Not whether or not the government should step on the personal freedoms of people when proclaiming they are all about personal freedoms.

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The police know what damage a semi-auto AR15 can do and no one wanted to be the first through the door. Can't blame them, even as I criticize them for failing at their one responsibility to protect and serve.

That's why these weapons need to be taken off the market.

The guns are the main problem.


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When I talk to a really hard right Republican, most seem to have a need to constantly be in battle and have an us vs. them mentality.

Many are Tucker Carlson victims. I'm not sure about the rest.

Ulvade shattered the arguments that cops are super heroes waiting around to save the day. They waited too long to respond and enter the elementary school. Too long. They're just people like you and I with fears of death and should not be relied upon too heavily. Sensible or, possibly, heavy-heavy handed gun control is needed. However, this will not happen until the minority Republicans of the USA are removed from the majority or even just barely minority to cause a disturbance.

Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson has all the "right stuff" and more for the Supreme Court. That is why it's entirely awesome she's a part of it!

If you feel the need to legislate away the rights of Americans, it is by the very nature tyranny and must be opposed by all loyal Americans.

Always, and I mean always, look for the "helpers" and support them!

Manchin us surprised that the justices he supported voted against Roe vs Wade. What world does this guy live in?

No matter how moderate, (R) shall mean reject or resist, depending on the politician

Coda: I don't want to take away from the both joyous and somber moment, but my wife is the descendant of individuals enslaved by the British. When her ancestor came back to his native land, he had no family to call his own and was taken in by a very prominent family. I have heard similar stories from others in her country but we're not as lucky. Meditate on these things.

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With today being Juneteenth, and tomorrow the Federal celebration, I am glad it is finally acknowledged. It is a momentous moment of a travesty of a moment in USA history that begins the ending centuries of oppression of a people. The way the political climate is: it is a stark reminder of exactly how much more work is needed.

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A new month has started that also comes with a new server bill 💸

This bill is the most expensive I've seen so far with the upgrades from the past month. I'm currently working to bring down costs some more 💪 ❤️

If anyone could help me out paying the server, email and media storage bills for mstdn.social and all other free services please do❤️


As a little thank you I can always make you featured on my profile :cat_hug_triangle:​ Just send me a DM :blobfoxsnuggle:

Reading the absolute filth coming out of the right levels me. It is absurdity at its finest. However, when we fall down, we must get back up. We get back up for all those young and old who face the rising and well-armed radicals who wish to erase those who do not fit their minority demographic. We get back up and scream and shout against tyranny. We go and we vote Blue. We even encourage those to join us who are unwilling for whatever reason. We fight in this hour of need

Still feeling mentally from the rash of publicized shootings. Makes me sad to think of the ones that don't make national media

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