@TonyStark North Carolina is another hideous example. Republicans have gone absolutely nuts here, and only the Democratic governor and AG have prevented them from completely ruining the state.

@TonyStark@democracy. Michigan used an Independent Commission consisting of citizens, Rs, Ds and party non-specified. All citizens could provide input. It was not perfect, but produced maps that do a decent job of representing the population (finally).
From the MI gov website:
To lead Michigan's redistricting process to assure Michigan's Congressional, State Senate, and State House district lines are drawn fairly in a citizen-led, transparent process, meeting Constitutional mandates.”

I think it's time to stop pretending there was a good Lindsey Graham to start with.

(Picture under cw due to unfortunate photo of TFG)

GOP’s Graham tries a little too hard to find a ‘double standard’:

@Drax No sense in wasting this gif I used yesterday.

When anyone says there was a time where Lindsey Graham was great:

Sounds like someone has a candidate problem.

RNC commissions ‘review’ of party tactics after disappointing midterm-

This besides the long, long list of reasons why he’s unqualified to start with. And Dr. Oz how well this worked out in Pennsylvania.

TFG-endorsed candidates are an insult to voters they’re trying to represent. Really, they’re not trying to represent the people who live there. Walker isn’t there for helping anyone in Georgia.

Herschel Walker is just another puppet.

Republican Senate Candidate Herschel Walker Only Recently Stopped Renting Out Georgia ‘Home’-

I started listening to this podcast yesterday on the advice of plenty of and it was such a stunning story of fascism in America just prior to World War II that I want everyone to hear it. The United States teetered on the edge of supporting Hitler's Germany and had active German agents working in the United States to spread German propaganda and increase tensions in communities. This is the history I should have learned in high school. The production quality is excellent. Might be the best podcast ever.

Rachel Maddow Presents: Ultra | an MSNBC original podcast

Voter apathy is closely tied to gerrymandering— many voters living in highly gerrymandered districts don’t feel motivated to vote if the politicians themselves have chosen their preferred voters, for their obvious advantage. Voters should choose their politicians, not the other way around.

Indiana is a good/shameful example of gerrymandering, with the R supermajority drawing extremely unfair maps without any input besides their own. The Rs also killed the pandemic mail voting option, even though no fraud was found. Indiana also has low voter turnout, because the game board is fixed in advance.

There’s a great quote in the article about why every voter should be against gerrymandering. It works great when your opinions match who drew the maps, not so well when they don’t.

In Indiana, extreme gerrymandering and low voter turnout go hand-in-hand-

@TonyStark My area is pretty comparable to that and I just keep voting anyway because I figure if I don't, it makes Republicans look like more people than they are.


I just gave $25. to 1000 women strong (1KWS)


@TonyStark They are silent on the issue because many of them are white supremacists but try to appear more mainstream. The fact that Trump keeps denying he knew who Fuentes is, that he just showed up with Kanye, as opposed to denouncing Fuentes’ and his views, is all the world needs to see to know where Trump and his party stand. They did the same after Charlottesville when he said there were “very fine people” on both sides. They are the KKK without the hoods. No difference.

@TonyStark Great info, Tony! The turnout for Georgia is looking great with lots of time left to help out before December 6th! and help save democracy.

@Brotherdog31 @TonyStark $15 to help

I know many outside of Pennsylvania helped us elect John Fetterman so I'm going to pitch in to help back.

It really goes to show you who Republicans are that almost all Congressional Republicans (once again) do not denounce white supremacist extremism in society as a whole let alone denounce the depraved extremism of their party’s own members. Omission is complicity in the violence and especially in the rhetoric that leads to it.

Congressional Republicans were largely silent after POLITICO revealed Donald Trump dined with white supremacist Nicholas Fuentes:

It proves our long held point that Trump isn't the whole problem. Republicans as a whole are.


Two people I tune in for, Maddow and Warren. Good riddance to that account then.

I have some of Warren's books too that I picked up at secondhand book sales. Probably no surprise if you know me, I have a lot of books on politics and history.


@Kozmo I’m sure many people have wildly differing opinions on that but I’d like to have a Republican Party that Democrats can actually work with because it will get more things or at least have a potential to get more things done for humanity. That’s more important to me personally. Probably a pipe dream at best.

@jackiegardina @Kozmo @stanstallman I’ve talked about this before as have many people on this instance: would love to see RCV greatly expanded. Would be a big help for voter turnout which only makes democracy work better.

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