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Hopefully this evidence will aid in discerning who exactly was deeply involved in planning the insurrection.


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I think Judith LeBlanc drew the card that said, "Damn a Republican with faint praise." While Murkowski is not a rabid right winger and is Democrats' best hope of getting a Republican to cross the aisle for a vote, she's still a Republican with business interests in mind and smart people know it.

"Judith LeBlanc, executive director of the Native Organizers Alliance, applauded Murkowski. 'I think Senator Murkowski acted with an understanding of the history and current significance of having someone like Deb Haaland lead the Department of Interior,' she said.

The oil and gas industry knows it still has a supporter in Murkowski, LeBlanc said. 'The oil industry is playing the long game,' she said. 'They know Murkowski has a role in deciding the direction of drilling in the Arctic. She lives to fight another day in ensuring the oil industry will get their way.' ”


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Though I am pleased with Sen. Murkowski's committee vote, it's a little disappointing to know it was a struggle for her. The people she serves would be well served by Ms. Haaland. They vote. Oil and gas don't but they provide other incentives- incentives we need to get out of our politics.

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Yes, you read that correctly. Not one Republican vote.

When all is said and done, this is a win for all Americans and desperately needed for the country. Republicans are going to face a lot of attack ads next year for opposing a bill that 62% of their own voters approved.

So thank you, Democrats and President Biden.

Senate passes $1.9 trillion Covid relief bill, including $1,400 stimulus checks, with no Republican support:

Typical of the RNC to immediately start lying that Joe was cut off because of what he might say......they're looking for scraps of anything to throw out to their mob and, quite frankly, this scrap they threw out is imbecilic and ridiculous.

Analysis | A viral misfire: A White House video feed ended but Biden took questions:

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@RJA @TonyStark Yeah, they'd sure love to say Democrats don't get anything done and lie about it to voters.

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@TonyStark They know the math isn't in their favour if everyone gets a chance to vote, so they rig the system. If they can control who GETS to vote they can control who gets voted FOR.

(sorry, edited 5x due to lack of coffee🙄​😫​☕​)

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The GOP is a minority party in this country and no one knows that better than they do.

If not for the Electoral College, their Presidential candidates would never win the Presidency. If not for a Senate where states with far lower populations proportionally get 2 U.S. Senate seats, they would never hold a majority in the Senate. If not for partisan gerrymandering, they would never hold a majority in the House.

And GOP voter suppression laws are what tie this all together.

The argument that preserving the filibuster is necessary because it’s an important tool in our democracy falls apart when it’s clearer with every passing day that we won’t have a democracy without the Senate passing voting rights legislation.

Opinion | Republicans’ rhetoric on H.R. 1 is apocalyptic. Are they that afraid of democracy?
A bill to make voting easier should be obvious. To Republicans, it is not.

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you can accomplish anything you want, I said there was no way I going to get anything done today, and fought and am proud to say that I got nothing done

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Obstruction and suppression are all the GOP has left. That's their entire game. They accomplish nothing but holding up any action that would help the people who live in this country.

Cotton to block Garland’s quick confirmation to lead Biden DOJ: politi.co/3sREVd8

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Happy to see this:

Texas family detention centers expected to transform into rapid-processing hubs-
The Ellis-Island-style hubs that will screen migrant parents and children with a goal of releasing them into the United States within 72 hours.

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GOP is already talking about this bill being "defund the police." None of it is true. They dishonor George Floyd every time they lie but they do not care.

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The whole fucking Republican party can go fuck off.

Analysis | While the Senate reads the coronavirus relief bill, nearly 1,400 Americans may die from the virus:

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If the Republicans are just going to vote against anything that the Democrats propose, then no, Biden does not have to take Republican priorities into consideration. 

As the GQP like to say "elections have consequences." People are tired of zero progress and yes, transportation does relate to climate change.

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Every single Republican Senator voted against $1400 COVID relief checks.

Every single Republican Senator voted against economic help for their state's schools to safely re-open.

Every single Republican Senator voted against funding for nationwide vaccine acquisition and distribution.

For their own constituents.

Every single Democratic Senator voted in favor of the funding today and a year ago when a Republican president asked for it.

Democrats work on behalf of the American people. Republicans do not.

Vote Republicans out.

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Almost every day, I think to myself that there is nothing more that Republicans could do to make me despise them more than I already do. But every day, I am proven wrong.

The fact that all but one Republican voted against this bill (and the one who did says he did it accidentally) is just incomprehensible to me.

Less than 2 months into Biden's term and the Republicans are (again) talking about blocking everything despite the fact that large majorities support these initiatives. They do not deserve to be in office.

House passes expansive policing overhaul bill named in honor of George Floyd:

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@TonyStark Yesterday in SCOTUS arguments, the Republican lawyers said "If all votes are allowed and counted, it puts us at a competitive disadvantage ". Basically admitting their whole playbook. And when their playbook ( voter suppression in predominantly Democratic cities and states) failed in 2020, they are losing their minds and doubling down on the voter suppression strategy. They are evil.

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The only way Republicans can win an election is through unethical tactics, with voter suppression being just one tool in the arsenal, along with gerrymandering, court stacking, conservative media disinformation and, in presidential elections, clinging to the electoral college.

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