I'm not 100% sure where to go with people who think their religious beliefs belong in politics. But part of this, at least, comes from the relentless onslaught of deceitful Republican messaging.

A quote: "But I definitely think Democrats are pushing free everything, giving the message that there’s no value in your hard work, and that’s not something I can believe in.”

It's the opposite. Democrats want a liveable working wage. Democrats want you to be able to unionize. Democrats want to make it possible to achieve a better standard of living for individuals, families, and future generations.

And it's not free. Fair taxes and a robust common good are working just fine in the market economies of Canada, Western Europe, Japan, Australia, Taiwan, and New Zealand.

What Republicans have created in the US is forced upward redistribution via suppressed worker wages and endless tax discounts for the gilded class. Democrats value working people. Republicans do not.


I see this same thing in my own Florida community and plead with people to pay attention to the reality.

Republicans take advantage of us in the Hispanic community. It's voting against yourself.

We need deeper, better ground organization in our states.

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