Democrats: Here's some vaccine, infrastructure, and relief checks.

Republicans: We need you to boycott Coke and CBS and baseball and UPS and basically everything except racism.

Mitch, the only reason companies donate money is so that they will have a voice in politics. You know this, you do, arguably, the biggest pay for play member of the Senate.

I've got a few ideas on how to punish all those misbehaving corporations:
•  Raise their taxes and make them pay for infrastructure and health care.
•  Impose more environmental and consumer regulations on them.
•  Work to strengthen labor unions.
•  Make corporate dark-money political contributions illegal. 

Don't back off, Republicans! Teach those companies a lesson they'll never forget.

Opinion: McConnell's self-defeating battle against woke CEOs -

They lost and can't win on policy. That's all you need to know.

Texas GOP move to overhaul voting laws: What you need to know-

Well-rounded candidate with lots of pertinent experience. A foil to all the NRA sycophants is appreciated.

AP sources: Biden to nominate former special agent, gun control advocate David Chipman as ATF director-

Recap- Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz -

Lone vote against sex trafficking law 434-1.

One of two to vote against revenge porn law 433-2.

Sought blanket pardon from Trump after his accomplice was arrested.

Passed nude pics of sexual exploits around on House Floor in-Session.

Under investigation for sex trafficking of minor females plus several other crimes.

Upcoming: Official Speaker at “Women for America First” Conference, Trump’s Doral Country Club.

Republicans, party of 0 values.

How I see this news:

President Biden and other Democrats will negotiate with the GOP. The GOP will present their utterly pathetic version of a stimulus bill, paid for with tax cuts to the wealthy or something, which they will say will trickle down to us, even though numerous studies have shown it will not.

Once the Democrats are finished laughing, they will say "The GOP are not negotiating in good faith so we are proceeding with our version, which the Senate parliamentarian has recently ruled we can use reconciliation for. Have fun, GOP."

Biden says he’s open to compromise with Republicans on $2 trillion infrastructure plan-

Um, she wasn't doing anything illegal so I should hope not. How about who arrested her?

Georgia state lawmaker arrested for protesting elections law won't be charged, lawyer says -

Since January 20th, Biden and the Democrats have been coming out with incredibly progressive programs and proposals and we are still in the first 100 days.

The Republicans had four years to come up with any meaningful programs (cutting taxes for those who don’t need it is not meaningful) including infrastructure but did nothing.

The problem for Republicans is that they things they want to pass are not popular with voters, and the things Democrats want to pass are popular with voters of both parties and Independents. Even when Republicans, in the majority, used reconciliation to try to repeal the ACA, they couldn't muster 50 votes.

They should shrink into nothing.

Opinion | Someone shrunk the GOP:

@TonyStark This oughtta get a few more. Marketing geniuses, they are not.

G.O.P. Group Warns of ‘Defector’ List If Donors Uncheck Recurring Box-

The National Republican Congressional Committee says to donors who opt out of recurring monthly donations: “We will have to tell Trump you’re a DEFECTOR.”

@TonyStark I like this plan. We build a big coalition and the GOP dissapears.

I'm loving these billboards. Especially the part that say "no thanks" to the GOP representation for that state.

Whoever thought Joe Biden was too old for this job was grossly mistaken. The guy knows how to lead, and he knows when to let his PR team loose.

:wi: voters:

You have elections today for many important local races and a statewide race for state schools superintendent. Make sure you've voted and remind others you know to vote.

Local elections matter, as we've learned. Build the bench at the local level and we progress from there.

All polling places open at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m. An ID is required to vote. COVID precautions apply. All info is in the link.

What to know before you go to the polls for Wisconsin's Spring Election April 6- 🗳️ :vote:

Not only are Republicans failing to stop Democratic legislation, they are actually trying to take credit for the very legislation they tried to kill. 

But I guess trying to claim the opposition's success as your own is what you have to do when the opposition represents the real interests of America, while you only represent the interests of a handful of billionaires and a small assortment of grifters, gun nuts, racists, and sexual predators and your only plans involve things like blocking trans people from using appropriate restrooms and making voting harder.

Opinion | Republicans are so weak that they can barely fight a tax increase:

@SteveRogers It should become the permanent minority, and would if it weren't for gerrymandering and the undemocratic Senate and Electoral College. @TonyStark

@TonyStark "Handful of billionaires, racists, etc." pretty much also describes Republicans in office.

@TonyStark The weaker Republicans are, the more they lash out, but it's still best for everyone if they remain out of power. They're not going to change for the better. There's no redemption at this point. What they are now is what they've been devolving into for decades.

It is so nice to have someone who cares about people instead of just caring about himself like 45 did.

"Food stamps: Biden is about to send $1 billion more in benefits to the 25 million neediest Americans"

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