The continuing problem that too many on the left seem to ignore is that the right is setting up trans people to be their scapegoat for everything & that will lead to demands to "do something" about trans people in general.

All the cries of "Never Again" from WWII are starting to sound pretty hollow to people in the transgender community. There's been a pretty close correlation between Nazi legislation against Jews and Republican legislation against trans people too.

And now there are legislation packages that claim to "ban drag shows" but the wording is intentionally so vague that the legislation can be used against trans people appearing anywhere in public spaces.

These are dangerous times, not just for democracy, but for specific minorities, & the trans community is one of those minorities.

The apparent fear of Democrats to stand up for trans people directly does not give those of us in the trans community a warm fuzzy feeling at all.

Food for thought, & maybe motivation to act.

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Recently the NY Times published another "just asking questions" article that claimed puberty blockers were dangerous to transgender kids.

WPATH & USPATH, two organizations of medical experts, responded to that article demonstrating the flaws in the article as well as the science that supports the use of puberty blockers in children.

That article was called "careful, thorough reporting" but when medical experts debunk the entire article, it is neither careful nor thorough but transphobic propaganda being used to enable attacks against gender affirming care for trans kids.

Over on the bird app, one user half joked, "It feels like we're 4-5 years away from hearing that asking if we should release trans people from death camps is against public safety." And while that's a joke, the endless "groomer" attacks thrown at LGBTQIA people is why the Club Q shooting occurred.

You can't engage in endless hate speech against any group but not expect consequences.

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Raphael Warnock’s Senate runoff race (Dec 6) is once again a critical one for the entire country and Georgians. Help him and them win again by supporting these Georgia-based organizations.

These are organizations doing critical election work right now across the state specifically to get out the vote for the runoff with a special emphasis on organizations that focus on and are led by women and people of color. Even a small donation will make a difference. These are the people on the ground who know how to get out the vote.

* 1000 Women Strong
* ACLU of Georgia
* Albany Voter's Coalition
* America Votes Georgia Runoff Fund
* Asian American Advocacy Fund
* Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Atlanta
* Black Voters Matter Fund 1/3

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* Common Cause Georgia
* Democratic Party of Georgia
* Democratic Party County Committees
* Environmental Voter Project
* Fair Fight Action
* Georgia Alliance for Progress
* Georgia Coalition for the People's Agenda
* Georgia Conservation Voters Action Fund
* Georgia Equality
* Georgia Muslim Voter Project


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Sen. @CoryBooker on Georgia's Senate runoff: "I know there are folks who want to talk about the opponent in this race, it's not about [Herschel Walker]. It's about us. It's about who we are and who we will be elevating in our society to lead us in difficult times."

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I’m thankful for everyone who positively participates in this community, those who live here and those who are our friends and good neighbors from other places.

Your support is appreciated.

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I have no idea why mythical posts always float around after gun tragedies that claim we need more and especially in our homes.

We don’t. It doesn’t work. I have to repost this every few months.

Do guns make us safer? Science suggests no | News | Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health-

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An overlooked (never taught) piece of recent US history:
You want to know more about what the Republican Party was like before Eisenhower? Have a listen… Hint: it wasn’t much different than it is now. This has been a Fascist party for a LONG time.
Thank you, Ms. Maddow!

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@TonyStark Since Republicans are already telegraphing their plans, Democrats can put whatever guardrails are possible in place during the lame duck session. Raising the debt ceiling is the big one.

Looks like Republicans will spend the next two years on nonsense like investigating private citizen Hunter Biden and director of NIAID Anthony Fauci.

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@kelena @TonyStark I see the same bullshit on the right: he was mentally ill, let’s not politicize it so the poor families can grieve. Just absolutely clueless as to what they push every day.

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Voters in 5 states rejected authoritarian, religious overreach abortion bans this month:


This garbage Republicans want is being rejected.

There are currently 5 dead and 25 wounded from the Club Q shooting in Colorado Springs.

Two of those five were trans individuals. The "LGB Alliance", an anti-trans hate group, claims to represent LGB people and sent condolences to the friends and families of the LGB people slain in Colorado Springs.

Their silence speaks volumes about who the LGB Alliance really is when they ignore two dead transgender individuals.

This article is about one of those individuals.

Meanwhile, Republicans in Texas have filed a bill that will make "consenting to gender affirming care" for your child into a felony with prison sentences. Pointedly, Republicans still allow PARENTS to decide without the consent of the child to perform gender surgery on intersex kids.

Just what do Republicans think was going to happen when scapegoating an entire community?

Worse, what did Democrats think was going to happen when this was allowed to go unchallenged by so many for so long?

From Chris Evans (not the actor), over on the Bird App:

"Colorado Springs shooter Anderson Lee Aldrich is the grandson of Republican State Assemblymember Randy Voepel.

Voepel represents the 71st district in the San Diego area.

Voepel previously made comments comparing the January 6 attacks to the Revolutionary War."

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We've closed up our Twitter account. A platform whose owner uses it to bait violent anti-democratic conspiracy theories and engage in overt anti-semitism is not a place compatible with our mission to inform, create accountability, and improve democracy.

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By the right and only on the right, not coincidentally the same party that wants a massive proliferation of guns everywhere.

Take a look at yourselves, Republicans. You made this.

Club Q shooting follows year of bomb threats, drag protests, anti-trans bills-

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DeSantis is all for government -- his way, no one else's. He suppresses dissent, attacks real and perceived enemies, even kids, with relish, and deals in racial and cultural divisiveness.

He wants to command what you read, what you can or cannot say, and he demands total control of Florida's elections process and state government agencies by placing sycophants in charge of key positions. (Check out Florida's public health director, who is the polar opposite of Anthony Fauci on all matters scientific.)

He is a cruel and arrogant man and wants his own autocracy, not a democracy.

Let’s elect people who want to govern in the best interest of all Americans. We must have a higher calling beyond tax cuts for the wealthy and hate for those different from ourselves.

Opinion | Beware, DeSantis is as much a threat to America as Trump-

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@kelena @MariaHill I for one like Hakeem Jeffries and my favorite white board user Katie Porter. I also don’t see anything anywhere about anyone wanting Rep. Porter to challenge him or anything about her saying she would.

Over on Bird App, David Roberts summed up why Truth Social & other right wing social media apps have failed - conservatives have NOTHING to say to each other. Twitter succeeded because they built an app for educated liberals. The conservatives automatically followed because they solely exist now to "own the libs".

As David Roberts noted, liberals wouldn't even notice the disappearance of most conservative voices, but without liberal voices, conservatives have no one else to troll & harass.

I've seen this on Mastodon too. Liberals don't seem to care that they don't see conservative trolling (or are quietly pleased) and just continue on with their discussions & planning.

It was a jarring insight but looking back at it, I now realize he was right. Conservatives have nothing left to say unless it's snark trying to "own the libs".

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