MTG exhibits dangerous obsessive sociopathic behavior. Why is she even still on the streets let alone in Congress?

She, along with Jan. 6th conspirators, tried to stalk and confront AOC back in 2019 too, before even being elected to Congress.

This is a study that shows that, globally, twice as many people have likely died from COVID as have been reported, and that here in the US, more than 300,000 more deaths occurred from COVID-19 than have been officially reported.

The American Medical Association explains why laws interfering with the medical care of under-age transgender patient are a dangerous intrusion on medicine.

Pastor John Pavlovitz always speaks plainly but compassionately.

"This resistance to getting the shots isn’t based on reliable evidence that suggests any medical risk, it is simply the putrid fruit of a political movement that has trafficked in conspiracy from day one of this disaster: with the former president spending months downplaying the virus, debating the death toll, mocking mask-wearers, pushing phony cures, and turning safeguards into a form of anti-American oppression."

This is the 21st century.

I want you to look at how one white man thought he could abuse and effectively enslave one black man. At least he got caught.

"A former Conway restaurant manager serving a 10-year prison sentence for forcing a man with intellectual disabilities to work more than 100 hours a week without pay owes the former employee double the amount in restitution — $546,000, a court ruled."

I have no words for this (at least not printable). Not that many of us didn't see this coming though.

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I’ve never seen Republicans look so glum as they did last night. McConnell looked lost. I can see why. Their great myths of supply-side and trickle-down economics, which have caused misery, deficits, and debt, are dead. 

Investment in the country is going to build the wealth of the middle class. Luxury yacht builders won't do so well. But other businesses will boom, spurred on by demand from a revitalized, strong middle class.

Biden, honestly, wasn't my first choice for President, but he's turned out to be the exact right choice for this time. The plans of this administration are just what we need.

Biden, in speech to Congress, offers sweeping agenda and touts democracy:

This is an interesting thread (from Bird Site) via ThreadReaderApp (so you don't have to go to that site).

The thing I find interesting is that more and more, I find economists and policy analysts openly talking about how the US is no longer a governable entity.

And I truly fear this may not be fixable, given the right-wing's gullibility, their desire to believe lies based on confirmation bias, and their penchant for accepting conspiracy theories.

How does a democracy continue to function when nearly half of all voters choose to believe outright falsehoods just because those falsehoods give them comfort about their personal biases?

This, more than any external threat, frightens me the most for the United States and its future.

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This analysis does a disservice to the readers.

Hours being set at 9 to 5 for early voting access isn't an expansion of hours. It does affect things like drop boxes.

The new law requires drop boxes to be in government offices instead of outside. In other words, you can access them between 9 and 5. People who work long or unusual hours will be out of luck.

As the New York Times explained in an earlier article, the four counties that make up metropolitan Atlanta had 94 drop boxes in the last election. In the next election, they will be limited to 23.

The mobile voting booths that were used in the 2020 election are now effectively banned. This would hurt those who have little or no access to transportation or work long hours.

I could go on. The new GA voter law targets urban, low income, and Black voters. I realize that Mr. Kessler is looking at two statements, but his article sells readers short and doesn't provide enough context. I award him 2 clowns. 🤡🤡

Last month when Arkansas held hearings over their bill to deny gender affirming health care services to transgender children, Republicans allowed known hate group leaders to speak over their 2 minute limits for more than 40 minutes. But when a father, testifying on behalf of trans kids, went 30 seconds over his allotted time, Republicans had him arrested.

There is a reason that the modern GOP is compared to the Nazi party. In the 1930's, the Nazis chose a scapegoat. At that time, it was Jews. They said Jews could not serve in the military. They banned Jews from serving in government at all. They kicked Jewish kids out of schools. They denied healthcare to Jewish people. All the while, they lied about and villainized Jewish people.

But make no mistake - when they are done with transgender people, they will use those legal precedents to come after gay people, people of non-Christian faiths, and ultimately, people of color.

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Would you say, perhaps....that they are in...disarray?

"The No. 1 and No. 3 House Republicans are going after each other publicly. That is a big deal for a party trying to say they are unified as they seek to win back the majority."

McCarthy-Cheney retreat rift raises leadership questions:

The COVID-19 surge in Michigan is a VARIANT, a mutation. And... it's hitting kids now. One in five hospitalizations is a child now. Additionally, even after recovering from COVID-19, kids can experience other problems.

"Michigan hospitals say they’re not seeing high numbers of children with multisystem inflammatory syndrome, a rare but dangerous Covid-19 complication that affects otherwise healthy children.

Doctors say they typically see these cases weeks after Covid-19 spikes because the syndrome is not caused by the virus itself but by the body’s immune response."

You're vaccinated? Got that card handy? Some businesses are offering free stuff!

Go get it!

In the US, people won't wear masks, won't get vaccinated, won't work for the common good.

Meanwhile, in New Zealand, where people DID wear masks, ARE getting vaccinated, life is back to normal.

If this is what people want, there's an easy way to get it. Why won't they do what's needed?

Ignorance. Lies. Intolerance. Hate.

The pandemic is going to last a lot longer in the US than most of us expect because we're not going to reach herd immunity unless vaccinations are mandated by law and enforced.

And who is responsible for this society wide failure? REPUBLICANS.

Never forget that.

ABC and other major media outlets are trying to compare Biden's approval numbers to past presidents. As the ABC article eventually notes, near the bottom, before Obama and the GOP white nationalist hate machine emerged in full roar, opposite party voters often approved of a new president.

But in today's highly polarized political environment, only 13% of Republicans approve of Biden's work so far despite Biden blowing away Trump on numerous measures (jobs created per month, handling the pandemic, etc.).

Yet buried in this poll is a nice little factoid. There are still 48% of Americans who want "smaller government" but this is the LOWEST it has ever been recorded! More importantly, people who want more government services now are 45% of the population, a recent 7% rise! This changing attitude is huge!

Young Americans are poised to re-shape American politics IF they choose to get involved!

"On Joy Reid's show I stated point blank that the GOP is no longer a political party but rather a white nationalist, authoritarian movement that has rejected democracy. I'm not being hyperbolic. This is where we are as a nation." — Dean Obeidallah, (Liberal Radio Host)

Another Trump lie that turns into dust and NO JOBS. Meanwhile, FoxConn STILL has billions in tax advantages it can use in Wisconsin thanks to Republicans.

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Only 36 percent of white Republicans and Republican-leaning Independents believe Black people and other minorities do not receive equal treatment in the criminal justice system.

That tells you everything you need to know about the self-entitled GOP's white privilege and their desperate acts to keep it.

Despite what their very loud minority would have us believe, most Americans are decent people who reject racism and want everyone to be held accountable for their actions, epecially those in a position of power over others. 

Most Americans also support common sense gun laws, increasing corporate taxes, government healthcare, and infrastructure and yet Republicons continue to ignore the will of the people. We have to keeping being loud and demanding what we want and sending them home at the ballot box, too. Enough.

Most Americans support greater scrutiny of police as discrimination concerns persist:

Make no mistake - this assault against trans people is for one purpose only: To create a "hole" in the 1964 Civil Rights Act, whereby the SCOTUS allows white straight evangelicals to declare that they have a "right" to discriminate against someone based on "religion".

Once they have that initial win, they will then work to expand that federal law exemption in every direction. They will come after LGB people. They will come after non-Christians. They will come after BIPOC.

They will also seek exemptions from every federal law - about pollution, minimum wage, worker safety, child labor, everything.

Once they won Hobby Lobby, over 100+ more lawsuits were filed using the same reasoning as Hobby Lobby but attacking every major federal law in existence.

This is nothing less than an attempt to bypass our federal laws and constitution so they can have their own private Christian version of the "Taliban". And yes, taking women's rights is high on that list too.

In the good news, department, positive things do happen and sometimes remembering that helps alleviate the concerns over the bad.

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