In the US, people won't wear masks, won't get vaccinated, won't work for the common good.

Meanwhile, in New Zealand, where people DID wear masks, ARE getting vaccinated, life is back to normal.

If this is what people want, there's an easy way to get it. Why won't they do what's needed?

Ignorance. Lies. Intolerance. Hate.

The pandemic is going to last a lot longer in the US than most of us expect because we're not going to reach herd immunity unless vaccinations are mandated by law and enforced.

And who is responsible for this society wide failure? REPUBLICANS.

Never forget that.

@kelena Everyone in office who hasn’t quit the Republican Party is terrible. No one here is going to argue.

However, this is a fact-based instance. We have share opinions and have discussions based on what is true. We don’t post things that aren’t.

So here are the facts:
USA: 42.5% of total population, at least 1 shot
New Zealand, 2.9% at least 1 shot. NZ is giving about 1/20 shots per capita as USA.

As far as eligible population of USA, so people who could choose to get vaccinated: 52.7%. More than half of Americans aren’t horrible people refusing to end the pandemic. Do we have a problem with people refusing to mask and take other public health measures? Yes. Did the former admin and most Republican governors fail us in ways too numerous to list in one toot? Yes.

NZ is an island nation with fewer than 5M people. It could isolate itself. Jacinda Ardern did a lot right. Australia also has a low number of cases due to geography/isolation. Their vaccines are 1/10 the USA per capita.

@MariaHill My point is that by following the science, New Zealand (and other nations as well) have greatly reduced their overall infections AND returned to a more normal life sooner than the US.

The resistance to a science based response to the pandemic lies largely with one political group that, even with Trump out of the White House, continues to encourage people to not mask, to avoid the vaccine, and to treat this "like the flu".

Even China has had a better response than the US at this point.

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