The entire CRT fear-mongering "crisis" is a demonstration of just how racist this nation still is.

Admitting systemic racism exists means that we require systemic solutions, an idea that terrifies the right wing.

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Happy Pride Month, Fediverse!

Let's celebrate love in all its forms and renew our commitment to the fight for equality for all.

Texas Republicans are running a late night session, violating their own rules on how to reconcile bills between two houses (by adding things that were in neither bill), whispering away from microphones so some discussions are not on the record, and trying to pass numerous voter suppression changes to suppress votes from people of color. These include harsh limits on when people can vote on Sundays, and requiring the polls close at 9pm sharp even if people are standing in line.


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The Pennsylvania state legislature voted on a law that requires a woman to report every miscarriage AND PAY A $20 FILING "FEE" for that miscarriage. This is the ultra-right wing evangelical nutjobs trying to impose "fines" on women for not carrying babies to term.

Supposedly, this is because their "god" cares about "unborn children". But if you look at their own scriptures, the Christian "god" murders women and children rather freely. In fact, in the Bible, the book of Numbers, chapter 5, verses 11-31, contains a ritual for a priest to conduct AN ABORTION.

What were those right wing religious zealots saying about abortion again? I can't hear them above the screams of the women and children their "god" has already murdered.

The Southern Baptist Convention is now a Donald Trump cult, as they force out members who refuse to swear allegiance to and worship Donald Trump.

This is what a cult looks like but it's a cult with millions of members.

Our nation is sick, with an internal infection that very well may kill it. That infection is Donald J. Trump.


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Who could have predicted this? /s

The 10 states that have vaccinated less than half their population now have higher COVID-19 cases.

There seems to be a correlation between states with the least number of vaccinated people and higher cases of the virus.


MTG exhibits dangerous obsessive sociopathic behavior. Why is she even still on the streets let alone in Congress?

She, along with Jan. 6th conspirators, tried to stalk and confront AOC back in 2019 too, before even being elected to Congress.


This is a study that shows that, globally, twice as many people have likely died from COVID as have been reported, and that here in the US, more than 300,000 more deaths occurred from COVID-19 than have been officially reported.


The American Medical Association explains why laws interfering with the medical care of under-age transgender patient are a dangerous intrusion on medicine.


Pastor John Pavlovitz always speaks plainly but compassionately.

"This resistance to getting the shots isn’t based on reliable evidence that suggests any medical risk, it is simply the putrid fruit of a political movement that has trafficked in conspiracy from day one of this disaster: with the former president spending months downplaying the virus, debating the death toll, mocking mask-wearers, pushing phony cures, and turning safeguards into a form of anti-American oppression."


Texas cities are all deep blue now. Some of the suburbs are blue and some are purple. To win Republicans rely on the huge number of small towns, small cities, and completely rural folk who are white, ignorant, and scared of becoming the next minority (because they can only see themselves being treated one way as a minority since that's how they treated other minorities).

But as Boomers age out and die, many mid-sized mostly white cities are turning purple too.

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