Joe Biden believes in policies that are supported by a majority of Americans most of which tend to be bipartisan.

Issues like child care and the right to vote and not letting the planet be destroyed by climate change aren't extreme left ideas. Our democracy may fail if voting rights are not strengthened. Our very survival depends on solving the climate change problem. Fixing infrastructure and a proper safety set, a $15 minimum wage, and caps on prescription drug prices are essential to the progress of the country and yes, we can afford it.

These items would overwhelming help working Americans immediately. These are also already provided by every other developed nation in the world. The constant framing of worker benefits as radical leftist positions shows how far right the Republican party and a lot of the press has slid.

Coverage doesn't need to fawn over him, but at least be fair. He's succeeding.

DC Is a Donut. There Is No Center in Washington Politics:

It's also quite interesting to me seeing somewhat right-aligned US Twitter accounts who are otherwise all in on prepping and "omg the Boogaloo is happening" going "nah, this Ukraine thing ain't nothing"

it's a little weird to see that perspective given that Ukraine has actually been fighting a shooting civil war for 8 years now

but somehow the presence of Russia on any issue (just like Money) seems automatically to warp the Discourse on the US right wing towards "nothing to see here". Hmm.

UK politics, Elections Bill, democracy, protest 

"Say NO to the Elections Bill" on Saturday 5th Feb, in London or Manchester.

"The Elections Bill… is about to be debated in the House of Lords after passing its Third Reading… If passed into law, it will be a disaster for our democracy in a number of key areas…" including voter suppression through the introduction of Voter ID.


Vox is free (they'd like a donation though!) so there's no burning an article by reading this. You should.

I watch a whole lot of MSNBC and some CNN and occasionally the nightly news (national, can't stand the local) and I haven't even seen Dr. Walensky or Dr. Fauci say to assume you've been exposed if you've been to a public place, but Jorge Salinas, an professor of medicine and hospital epidemiologist at Stanford says that. If you have any symptoms that are not normal for you like any chronic pain that you have, consider that a symptom.

If you need medication to manage it, assume that's a covid symptom. Vaccines and masks are necessary to get out of the pandemic, but also recognizing when you're sick and isolating are, so know what to look for even if you're not very sick.

While sure, it won’t make a difference for those who won’t wear masks, the 3 masks can make a difference for those who want to wear higher quality masks but can’t absorb the cost in their budget.

We bought a supply of N95 masks for our household and the cost adds up quickly, but I can absorb it. This will put good, quality masks into the hands of people who want and need them but cannot pay for them, making a more equitable system. That's a really good thing.

Biden will make 400 million N95 masks available to Americans for free:

Nancy Pelosi has been an astonishingly effective Speaker. Her demonization by the Republican Party attests to that. She never had presidential ambitions. She, correctly, saw her strengths more suited to the legislative branch.

She has never been particularly popular among the American public, but that isn't very important in judging her contribution to national governance.

However, she's wrong not to support the Trust in Congress Act.

Abigail Spanberger is a wise and valuable House member. People like Luria, Spanberger, and Wexton in VA (and others in formerly red or purple districts) had a heck of a lot to do with carrying close states in 2020 and flipped districts we needed to carry the House. Passing something popular like this would be a good idea while Dems are in charge.

Opinion | Abigail Spanberger gets it. Will Democrats follow her lead?-

Imagine being the biggest asshole on this particular Supreme Court.

If SCOTUS justices were worried about their reputation before this, it's been solidified now. No thinking person will see their decisions as being above politics. But then, maybe they think it's fine, now that they've achieved their 6-3 imbalance.

Gorsuch didn't mask despite Sotomayor's COVID worries, leading her to telework:

One of Sinema's biggest donors in 2018, EMILY'S List, is tired of her BS.

“Electing Democratic pro-choice women is not possible without free and fair elections. Protecting the right to choose is not possible without access to the ballot box,” the group wrote.

“So, we want to make it clear: if Sen. Sinema can not support a path forward for the passage of this legislation, we believe she undermines the foundations of our democracy, her own path to victory and also the mission of EMILY’s List, and we will be unable to endorse her moving forward,” the group added.

Athletes warned about speaking out against China at Winter Olympics - "could put themselves in danger if they speak out in support of the Uyghur Muslims" #BeijingWinterOlympics #uyghurgenocide

Biden would have accomplished legislative miracles if Manchin and Sinema had been willing to support their party instead of embarking on a quixotic quest for cooperation, which never materialized, from the Republicans.

Republican leaders have realized that the majority of voters reject their "small government" agenda which is really designed only to help corporations and the rich save a few bucks on their taxes by destroying large parts of our government that are supported with tax revenues.

The GOP has given up on democracy in order to preserve unchecked capitalism. Republicans have never been enthusiastic about democracy, but they're all in for capitalism.

What Manchin and Sinema can't, or won't, see is that Republicans have taken their ball and gone home -- they're no longer playing the game of American constitutional democracy which is why "reaching across the aisle" has been a complete failure.

How Manchin and Sinema Completed a Conservative Vision:

Can we PLEASE get some headlines that say "GOP Refuses to Consider Voting Legislation" "GOP Obstructs Debate" "GOP Will Not Work With Democrats" or "Moderate GOP Members Stonewall Voting Protections"?

How, exactly, is the Biden administration going to be successful against COVID when the Republican political strategy is to literally undermine every effort to get it under control? Republican anti-mask antivax bravado, and even lawsuits against public health policy, supported by the “Supreme” Court, is entirely for political gain. The base may fall for it, but their representatives in Congress are vaccinated.

Republicans don’t care how many lives it costs. They are in a very real, and visible way, actually promoting spread of disease. Breaking the Biden response to COVID is just another arm of the Republican campaign.

Yes, there are things that could have been better, but let's be serious about whose fault this whole thing is.

Why is this not a bigger story? As a Floridian, I find this beyond disturbing. He's laying the groundwork for his own little coup. Police monitoring our elections - and ones that answer to the "governor" who is running for reelection? Very few stories about this. Why?

And meanwhile we have Sens. Sinema and Manchin doing everything in their power to stop the voting rights bill from passing in Congress plus all Republicans. With "friends" like these two, who needs enemies?

Florida's governor wants to create election cops. Yikes. |

PSA for everyone in the US, launched a day early. Get your free (limited to 4x per residential address) antigen tests today!

Two novel approaches to getting people vaccinated from Quebec:

You must show your vaccination card to enter a liquor store or cannabis dispensary (probably wouldn't work here unless we roped off the beer aisle of Safeway like it's a Massachusetts Stop & Shop on Sunday morning and had a bouncer checking cards outside the rope)

Hit you in the wallet. A new provincial health tax no less than C$100 (about $80 US) if you're unvaccinated and don't have a legitimate medical reason.

Quebec residents are already highly vaccinated. The numbers given in this article don't quite add up, but they're high either way. (85% have had at least one dose, only 10% unvaccinated, so I'm not sure what you could be if you aren't unvaccinated but haven't had a dose?) The unvaccinated minority make up 50% of people in intensive care.

I don't even know where to begin here...

> Four inmates at an Arkansas jail have filed a lawsuit against the facility and its doctor after they said they were unknowingly prescribed ivermectin to treat Covid-19 as a form of “medical experimentation” despite US health officials warning that the anti-parasitic drug should not be used for that purpose.

> The Arkansas’ chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union filed the lawsuit on behalf of the men last week against Washington county jail, Washington county sheriff Tim Helder and jail physician Dr. Robert Karas. Last August, Helder revealed that the drug had been prescribed to patients with Covid-19.

Roberts, the faux moderate

"Roberts hates to make sweeping decisions whose judicial activism would be obvious to the public. Instead, he prefers to chip away at the federal power or individual rights that he wants to destroy, in decisions that are supposed to seem moderate individually, even as they stack up to create radical change."

The Court and the Vaccine Mandates

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