The Republican argument that reasonable laws means that guns will be taken away is a fallacy meant to manipulate and distract.

The Republican party uses all the methods of argument that are illogical and false when examined with a little critical thinking.

The U.S. has drastically reduced driving injuries and fatalities by mandating certain automobile restrictions. We have drivers' licenses with age limits, and before you can get on the road, you have to pass a test.

Drivers not only need licenses with pictures, their cars must be insured and registered with state government. We've mandated speed limits and various kinds of traffic laws. We've instituted mandatory seat belt use across the country. We've lowered the alcohol limit for drunk driving, and have increased penalties. 1/2

How to Prevent Gun Massacres? Look Around the World-

GOP Senators block measure against White Supremacist terrorism 

Republicans in the US Senate block discussion of a measure to address White Supremacist violence and recruitment

I think perhaps the saddest thing about life is when you gradually realise that your ambition and skills eclipse those around you and you are forced to abandon old friends and make new ones in order to live life at a higher level of consciousness.

The truest friends are the ones who would both share an alleyway with you or visit you in a mansion. You know who your true friends are when they don't give a fuck about your job or anything. Whether that means not caring you earn nothing or not being jealous when you have a lot later.

I keep getting stuck on the statements repeated by so many so-called pro-life politicians, that they believe children are valuable. (besides the fact that stages of pregnancy exist and an egg that's been fertilized for 15 minutes or 15 weeks isn't a child.)

Correct me if I'm wrong (and I really would like to be wrong here) but have any of these vocal pro-birth advocates said the same thing about women and all pregnant people? All they'd have to say is, "I really value the woman here, too" or "We also have to consider the pregnant person's life." And mean it.

But they don't value them. They only value the role they want them to play: child-bearer.

Carrying a child to term is already dangerous in the US. Imagine if Republicans poured their energy into prenatal care and the important support children and families need once a successful pregnancy happens. That, not forced birth, would actually be pro-life.

What Alito Doesn’t Understand About Pregnancy-

Both the 2022 and the 2024 elections hinge upon the answer to a pivotal question: Will the majority of voters favor further progress toward multiracial, one-person-one-vote democracy or will the majority vote Republican?

Will voters favor honesty or mendacity? Facts or delusions? Science or quackery? Democracy or autocracy? Equality of opportunity or plutocratic oligarchy?

Will the Republicans continue to successfully sustain and advance plutocracy while garnering support from populists who vote their fears and animosities rather than their own economic interests?

As voters we can prevent this, but we have to vote.

The Republican Party has become the party of increasingly open wanna-be autocrats and proto-facists. The more races they win, the more likely the future of this nation will be anti-democratic. And the rest of the media needs to cover these issues as such.

The Election Denier Who Could Run Michigan’s Elections:

"Dear Professor Chomsky,

We are a group of Ukrainian academic economists who were grieved by a series of your recent interviews and commentaries on the Russian war on Ukraine. We believe that your public opinion on this matter is counter-productive to bringing an end to the unjustified Russian invasion of Ukraine and all the deaths and suffering it has brought into our home country."


Students who leave school with staggering debt loads cannot save to buy a house. They cannot save for their own retirement.

All their extra earnings goes towards loan repayment, and it takes decades to pay off. By the time they do, it's too late to buy a home or invest their earnings back into society and they fall behind in being able to obtain basic needs.

Meanwhile, wealthy people do not have this problem, so they can continue to siphon up all the wealth and property that is not available to the rest of the people who struggle with debt. This is not a good situation for the economic well-being of the nation.

There should not only be compassion, but a will to fix this problem. Yes, there are many other things to be done, but that shouldn't stop us from doing anything about this one.

Opinion | Why such a lack of compassion on student debt?-
Americans keep defaulting to a zero-sum mind-set. But the more we indulge it, the worse our country becomes.

@TonyStark I had medical debt from emergency surgery years ago (finally paid off last year!) and my husband has student loan debt that will be forgiven after 10 years. If not for my mom dipping into one of her retirement funds, we would not have had the down payment for a house. The system is broken.

Biden campaigned on universal student debt reduction, but now wants to add a means-test; a layer of bureaucratic formalities to identify the "deserving poor." The neoliberal fetish for red-tape is on the march, and the consequences will be the 2022 mid-terms, and maybe the future of the nation.


@kjetil_kilhavn @pluralistic

Means testing a program is a 100% guaranteed way to make sure that it will eventually be taken away by a group that doesn't directly benefit from it.

The Vote Forward letters are great because you can start now and pile them up for October so you're not rushing. Even 5 helps!

When you need a super-zoomed out view, “left” and “right” is fine. That’s how I feel about the many political camps.

A lot of the time, we need more nuance, and that’s great, too. It’s fine to discuss topics, both separately and in the context of larger frameworks.

I just watched a conversation between Rachel Maddow and Josh Gerstein from Politico about the leak of the SCOTUS decision that is expected of overturn Roe v. Wade:

Apparently Alito writes that the decision should only be applied to abortion and not to other rights under the privacy umbrella like contraception and same-sex marriage. Gerstein says he’s old enough to remember (as is probably everyone old enough to have found SCOTUS saying, “Don’t try to apply our opinion on X to the situation y because it’s different” and then going right ahead and doing just that.

Maddow pointed out that’s telling in itself that SCOTUS is even thinking that far ahead, and our contraception and our marriage rights are on their minds.

@TonyStark mentioned birth control just today, but it's something many of us have worried about for a long time. People with IUDs who knew they would need replacing in the next four years were calling their doctors in late 2016, just in case.

You can't find a single one who has anything to offer expect the very small, small number of them that at least admit Trump lost.

It makes my head just about explode when anyone says all we need to do is listen to Republicans and be nice. When are they going to do that for me, a Black, queer woman?

Haven't seen it one day of my life yet.

@gus @TonyStark

‘It cannot be right for a 12-year-old girl to have to go back to a war zone’ - if you are still not ashamed of the UK, read this... #ukraine

I post this every so often, and we have a lot of new users right now who may not be aware of it. is a site you can check if you're not sure if the source you want to use has a left or right bias. It also tells you if the publication is generally fact-based or not.

Typically, local TV and radio stations are considered not to be biased, and a local newspaper might have a center-left or a center-right bias. We don't mind a left bias here as long as the news coverage is factual, and we can certainly tell what is fact and what is opinion. Opinion columnists can be used here too.

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