The cognitive dissonance needed to keep supporting Trump in the face of undeniable evidence of his crimes will cause his people to lose their shit in a myriad of fucked up ways and we can expect the next few months to be an epic shitshow of Trumpist temper tantrums.

Doesn't help that the right and their shitty platforms won't moderate against it and that Trump and even Senators like Marco Rubio are out there winding it up.

Man who fired nail gun at FBI building called for violence in days after Mar-a-Lago search-

<eyes bugging out of skull>

FBI searched Trump’s home to look for nuclear documents and other items, sources say

Classified documents relating to nuclear weapons were among the items FBI agents sought in a search of former president Donald Trump’s Florida residence on Monday, according to people familiar with the investigation.

Correction, unknown what the statement will be about, but I'm *hoping* it's about Trump.

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Garland's making a statement on Trump soon, about 20 minutes.

Don't forget, a large part of the country still can see no wrong with this person. Keep voting!

The President’s loud complaint to John Kelly one day was typical: “You fucking generals, why can’t you be like the German generals?”

“Which generals?” Kelly asked.

“The German generals in World War II,” Trump responded.

Received my state's voters pamphlet yesterday, looking forward to voting! This one jumped out at me yesterday, for US Senate primaries.

Not that I don't think Thomas should be removed ASAP, though.

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Okay, one more thing. *45 physically attacked Secret Service to try to get them to take him to the Capitol!

JFC. Lock. Him. Up.

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Anyways, I'm going to stop live-tooting now. Everyone needs to watch today's hearings, though!

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"They want to march straight to the Capitol from the rally."

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Tony Ornato told *45. Meadows did not act on the concerns being raised about what was going on, though.

"Off The Record" messages? They knew, and didn't want to get caught.

*45 was furious that there wasn't enough people at the rally. I would be laughing if the number of people there didn't cause so much damage to the country.

Wanted the people with weapons to get through.

"I don't care if they have weapons, they're not here to hurt me."

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Cassidy Hutchinson had convo, heard spears and flagpoles. "and these f'ing people are fashioning spears on the end of flagpoles".

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Reports of arrests on Jan 5th, of people with firearms. People trying to pass through metal detectors with weapons (that were confiscated). Pepper sprays, knives, blunt weapons, guns, rifles. Cap Police were stopping people. During the 6th.

The lie that GOP keeps saying it was "peaceful" further debunked.

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Lots of people knew that violence was likely, the Secret Service was aware. "Oath Keepers" and "Proud Boys" names kept being tossed around, and Congress was the target. Trump knew. He wanted them there.

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