I blame anti-vaxxers for ruining a year of fun for kids, so they shouldn't be allowed to have any adult fun like going to restaurants, concerts, or movies.


Long piece; definitely worth the read.

Amazing/disgusting that the same funders and the same chaos agents keep popping up over and over again - but the organizations keep changing their names, to make it look like myriad grassroots groups are unified on this issue.

Everyone should read this article. Care about democracy before it's gone.

“It’s not just about voter suppression. What I’m really worried about is election subversion. Election officials are being put in place who will mess with the count.”

The Big Money Behind the Big Lie | The New Yorker-

Kudos to the elected officials in Maricopa County -- the majority of which are Republicans, including one that defeated a Democrat in that election -- that have opposed the farce from the beginning.

These are responsible Republicans as opposed to the GQP Republicans that are sitting in the Arizona Senate supporting this adolescent nonsense from the former guy.

Arizona audit: Maricopa County, Dominion won't comply with subpoenas-

How many people who got the vaccine have said, "I wish I got Covid instead"?


I can't say I feel any sympathy for someone like Lindsey Graham if he is feeling ill today, especially when he did nothing to further public health measures, but I don't feel any schadenfreude either. The pandemic is no time for it. This is not a virus we want anyone to pass to anyone else.

Gerson points out how ugly it is to feel satisfaction in others' pain. I am angry at those who prolong and further this epidemic, but not satisfied when I see people suffer. Not the people he mentions here who describe themselves as "conservative families" who decided they have to be against the vaccine because they've been told it's part of being a Republican. I blame their cynical, craven political party for that. It's those politicians who get the gold standard treatment when they get sick, and their regular voters who suffer.


Good. The more, the better. Want to be back to normal? Get a vaccine.

Blame Republicans if you're looking for a fall guy. They're constantly threatening American health and lives. American children are at risk from their politicization of a disease. Distrust of Republicans will increase your odds of healthy survival.

New York City will require vaccines for entry to restaurants and gyms:

A new report, experts have issued yet another warning about the state of our planet, and this latest update is truly devastating. 

Nearly 14,000 Scientists Warn That Earth's 'Vital Signs' Are Rapidly Worsening

It sounds a bit like the start of a joke what brings together 14,000 scientists and 1,990 jurisdictions in 34 countries?


People who can be vaccinated and refuse: you are the ones ruining the economy. Your refusal to wear masks at the beginning and to do so where you need to now along with your refusal to do the one simple thing that can make a real difference here is the actual thing that's impacting jobs and businesses' abilities to return to some semblance of normal.

For those of us who embrace science, appreciate the fine minds that work to make life safer, who isolated ourselves for 15 months, gave up holiday celebrations with family, wore our masks, made do with what we had until a vaccine was made available, and then got it, thank you.

For the others screaming "freedom", denouncing Fauci and the CDC, sniggering at the medical community, and misusing the First Amendment, you are the cause for this setback.  

You own it.

With new vaccine and mask requirements, businesses scramble to respond to delta variant and shifting health guidance"

Creating good paying jobs, having safer drinking water, overdue fixes to roads and bridges, and enhanced cyber connectivity are investments America must make now -- especially in an era of low interest loan availability. Thanks, President Biden. Crying crocodile tears about the debt is a worn out GOP ploy that they only use when there's a Democratic President. 

More investment in America is the winning policy for the 2020s. Don't know how anyone can disagree with the improvements listed in this article - all necessary and many way overdue. If you vote against it, how do you tell your constituents that you don't want these improvements for them?

Senate finishing crafting $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure proposal, setting delicate debate in motion:

@TonyStark Voting rights is the most common issue we have right now. Voters may counter the attempts at suppression by coming out to vote in large numbers, but the bills that seek to nullify the votes must be stopped.

"Manchin said Sunday that the filibuster “makes us work together” and that he does not support an exception for the voting bills."

Nonsense. The filibuster doesn't force anyone to do anything. Republicanism and bad-faith are synonymous. You can't work with people who consistently misrepresent your position and refuse to acknowledge reality.

The widespread restrictions on voting promulgated by Republicans wanting to cheat themselves into office are raw power grabs. Some of the provisions, like the one allowing political entities to dictate the election outcome instead of the voters, are particularly dangerous. Federal voter protection legislation must be passed. There's no way to do it without a filibuster carve-out and Manchin knows that.

Dozens of legislators from other states to join Texas lawmakers in D.C. to lobby for voting bills:

@phillyaccent I have a feeling these restaurants won't be going out of business, despite the trolly comments coming from some.

This is important and another reminder of why elections do matter and both parties are not the same.

Biden's judges: More diverse and more of them - abcn.ws/3lpZM6C

This is awful but on the good news side the two infrastructure packages, especially the partisan one riding on the budget reconciliation, will be huge for climate action and will go a long way to shift us to clean energy and electric vehicles.

If those bills both pass I believe we could see a nearly complete shift to electric vehicles in 10 years. Furthermore Biden will use his power to advance climate goals if legislation stalls similar to what Obama did. He also eventually stopped the Keystone Pipeline and for a number of months put a moratorium on new oil and gas leases on federal lands. Biden knows well the power of the presidency through the Clean Air Act and the EPA and he will use it just as Obama did. Climate change deserves our utmost attention and that is why we HAVE TO VOTE FOR DEMOCRATS UP AND DOWN THE BALLOT EVERY CHANCE WE GET!

Biden’s Climate Plans Are Stunted After Dejected Experts Fled Trump- nyti.ms/3j8WL85

Everyone needs to understand the stakes in CA.
If Gavin Newsom gets recalled, CA gets a GOP Governor.
A GOP Governor will appoint a GOP Senator should one have to step down.
Sen. Feinstein is 88 years old.
Ballots drop on 8/16. Spread the word.

Last but not least, if you're a California resident, make a plan to vote on September 14th and get ready to vote for Gavin Newsom. Republican enthusiasm is reportedly running high and we need to exceed that enthusiasm by getting out and voting.

Check your registration, update your mailing address if needed, and register to vote if you aren't. Every single vote is going to matter. :ca: 4/4

Get ready to vote in the CA Governor Recall Election - Make sure you know where your vote by mail is being mailed - check online now.

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Sign up to send text messages.

Reaching out to Californians via text message is one of the most important tools we have to stop the Republican Recall. Please sign-up to say you'll volunteer to send texts. 3/4


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Phone bank with the California Democratic Party to tell voters to vote NO on the recall of Governor Newsom. Training provided if needed. 2/4

Phone Bank to Stop the Recall · Grassroots Democrats HQ:

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