Storm the Capitol, take a picture of yourself, and call your ex-girlfriend stupid. A fine representative of Southeastern PA. Felons can't vote while they are in prison, so when your ex turns you in to the FBI and you get yourself locked up, it just contributes to turning your county Democratic as it has been doing for a while now. (PA does restore voting rights for felons, which I agree with for everyone, not just Democrats. Rep. Scanlon has a pretty safe seat anyway.)

An important step in guaranteeing equality for all! Republicans Senators stonewalled it in 2019, but this time I really hope it passes. This could improve the lives of so many in the LGBTQ community.

House votes to pass Equality Act, prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity

The legislation would amend federal civil rights laws to ensure protections for LGBTQ Americans in employment, education, housing, credit, jury service and other areas.

@TonyStark I'm excited to see how we address climate change. All of Biden's picks related to it are the kind of people we need. :CaptainMarvel:

I know everyone has seen this gif WAY too much, but yes, major upgrade.

I can't say that I ever get tired of seeing Rick Perry look like a goof.

There's a mountain of work to do, but it's damn refreshing to see a cabinet of competent individuals coming together after 45's club of sold-out grifters.

Biden's showing he's serious about climate change. Granholm is on top of green energy. I'm sure the Republicans who voted against her don't like that.

Rick Perry wanted to abolish the DOE but couldn't remember the department's name.

Former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm confirmed as energy secretary:

This is seriously a good idea.

Too much coverage of this junk because 45 is gone.

News sources really need to give way less space to the crap Republicans do and say.

Perhaps they all need to create a new section, called "Republicans Who Were Nasty Today", and just list names with a brief, one line description for each:

Marjorie Taylor Greene - Hung needlessly cruel and untrue anti-transgender sign next to her office door.
Rand Paul - Had transphobic meltdown in front of the Senate during a confirmation hearing and repeated long-debunked lies.

They can have another, probably much shorter list, called "Republicans Who Actually Helped People Today", just to be, you know, "balanced." Most days it would be empty.

Done. It's 1000 different kinds of ridiculous that these confirmations aren't done.

@QueenRamonda "Six Democrats voted against" is a silly argument. She was confirmed 93-6 with McConnell (her husband) abstaining. That's higher than most nominees of either party get these days. Democrats would have confirmed Carson for head of neurosurgery of something. (After seeing him the past four years, I don't think I'd vote for him for HHS Secretary, because he doesn't seem to have it together to run a Cabinet department at all. As is evident from confirmations happening right now, Democrats are happy to confirm a diverse group of nominees so Republicans have nothing here.) @TonyStark

"Scott Sloofman, a spokesman for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), said Democratic senators have voted against female appointments and appointments of color made by Republican presidents. He noted that 41 Democrats voted against former housing secretary Ben Carson, who is Black, and six Democrats voted against former transportation secretary Elaine Chao, who is Asian American."

This is a total BS. Carson was totally unqualified with no experience in housing and Chao is the wife of McConnell and her family is involved in transport. These are both legitimate reasons for opposing. Race or ethnicity played no part.

And they got confirmed anyway and served the whole time, except Chao, who took a last-minute cowardly exit.

Listen to Tony and call your Senators.

@TonyStark GOP and Libertarians keep telling me racism is over. They lied, I think.

How to know when your party is in trouble:  when they put out a statement that they are not the party of white supremacists.

In the DC media market, a right wing group is running ads that are anti-Vanita Gupta, Biden’s pick to be associate attorney general, complete with scary music and phony accusations ala the infamous Republican Willie Horton ad. 

Call your Senators today, generally your Republican Senators, and tell them to confirm these completely qualified Biden nominees. The GOP is still trying to sabotage our government from functioning by delaying these confirmations for no reason. Just say that. 202-224-3121 ☎️📱

Many of Biden’s nominees of color run into turbulence in the Senate:

This stinks. We'll have to get it to pass the Senate another way.

The Senate parliamentarian ruled today that Democrats would be deemed out of order if they include a $15 minimum wage hike in their coronavirus relief package, a major blow to Senate Budget Committee Chair Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and progressives.

Democrats want to protect your vote. Republicans want to take it away.

@TonyStark A good reason to elect Democrats before Republicans disenfranchise you and you don't get to elect anyone any more.

Little is scarier than living in a Republican state trifecta and I hope to never do so. The entire USA lived in a national one for two years. That should be sufficient for everyone to work to elect Democrats everywhere.

The GOP is hell bent on restricting votes. It's almost like their ideas aren't popular or something.

GOP-backed Iowa bill aimed at restricting voting access heads to governor's desk:

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