Democrats want to make it easier for the American people to choose their own representatives. Republicans want to make it easier for representatives to choose their own voters, and Republican representatives only.

The Republican Party is doing everything in their power to silence those who don’t agree with them. This may appeal to a lot of Republican voters right now but they should all be concerned, too. A day will come when those voters will not agree with them. Looking at abortion rights for one, that’s already happening.

As America continues to urbanize (where the jobs are and where taxes are generated), the representational imbalance of the Senate grows.

For those worrying about a future where Republicans are in control, where they could either pass legislation purely on partisan grounds - they already do that. And if voting rights acts that have been proposed became law, the Republican Party will be forced to move past their current minority base (cult) and start changing positions to attract more voters. Good for democracy.

It’s easy to bash Sinema right now, but her way of thinking is emblematic of so many problems. People shouldn’t have to work as hard as they did to maintain a basic level of representation. I appreciate that work but it’s way off to claim because it worked this time that voting rights are safe.

Kyrsten Sinema (wrongly) bashes Democrats' voting rights bill-

And Santos stole $3000 from a dog (that's not a joke, he actually did). He's just SO weird. Not for having done drag--I love drag--but because he's a big LGBTQ hater. And yet:

George Santos, Member of Anti-LGBTQ Party, Wore Drag Under the Name “Kitara” in Brazil
It seems when Santos was younger, he was a drag queen who went by the name “Kitara Ravache.” Now he’s a far-right congressman in a party that calls drag queens groomers.

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I have the misfortune to live in north Florida where my representative is Matt Gaetz and governor is Ron DeSantis. Florida is now a one-party hard Republican state. If I put a Democrat candidates bumper sticker on my car it will be damaged, if you wear a Democrat tee you will eventually be threatened so basically you just keep a low profile

@TonyStark The Republicans are definitely hoping that these races are low-turnout because that helps them. Take no win for granted.

@TonyStark we need all hands on deck people! We cannot let Republicans back in.

On Election Day in November, Democrats won a state House Majority.

Due to 2 House members being elevated to higher office and the passing of another, there are 3 on February 7. Republicans are desperate to take these seats, so it's essential to get the vote.

Information and a volunteer link:

PA-32: Joe McAndrew is the former executive director of the Allegheny County Democratic Committee. From a working family, he is committed to ensuring the state legislature puts families first.

PA-34: Abigail Salisbury serves on the Swissvale Borough Council, spending the past two years as its President. She is also a small business owner, working as a practicing solo attorney.

PA-35: Matthew Gergely serves as McKeesport’s finance director, and previously served as city administrator and as a McKeesport Area School District official. He will fight for schools and PA families.

Special Election VBM Calls To Protect Our PA House Majority-

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Hard to tell Alabastard from Lily White.

@phillyaccent @Dagny I’m very thankful to all of the people who helped get Governor Shapiro elected. I think he’s going to be one of our greats. We’re proud in Pennsylvania to have a governor who’s going to get things done for everyone, whether they voted for him or not. He’s going to work for everyone and this is just the start.

@phillyaccent It’s the Sherwin-Williams “shades of white” section.

I obviously need to pin a post about this again which is forcing me to create a new one.

Nobody on social media owes anyone else an explanation for how and what they post. Nobody needs to roll up and tell people what and how to post.

Nobody owes anyone else an explanation for how they present themselves online, most especially anyone in a marginalized or threatened group. Nobody should have to share or be forced to share any more information about themselves than they want.

People usually come to a social media platform to meet like-minded people and relieve stress, not make new stress. Give people a break.

We have moderation rules. They’re reasonable. We stick to them.

And if you don’t like it, just don’t follow me or anyone on this instance. We don’t care. We’re fine. You don’t need to tell us.

We’re way past explaining it. We’re just going to block you.

The state of Wisconsin is having an important election for the state Supreme Court on April 4, 2023 with primaries coming up on February 21. Activate America is having a postcarding campaign to remind voters to request a ballot to vote by mail.

This election will determine the balance of power in the state’s Supreme Court which currently sits at a divided 3-3 with the seat in this election being the deciding factor. Vital decisions on abortion rights, election rules, unions, and much more are on the line. It’s important to turn out Democrats who will side with democracy and decency.

Voting by mail makes a lot of sense in Wisconsin in February, and the state requires voters to sign up again each year to do so.

These cards need to be mailed by January 26th. Help out if you can.

Postcards: Help Elect a Pro-Democracy Majority to the Wisconsin Supreme Court · Activate America:

Here’s something else to volunteer for if you can.

This is for the Virginia U.S. House special election for . Jennifer McClellan has been a champion of progressive values in the Virginia Assembly for 17 years.

Jennifer McClellan’s platform includes properly funding schools, protecting abortion rights, and expanding health care access, as well as working on critical pocketbook issues, like lowering energy bills and creating a new state child tax credit.

Her full agenda can be found here-

This election is on February 21st.

Team McClellan: Weekday Virtual Phone Bank! · Jennifer McClellan for Congress-

@MariaHill Congratulations to them and to everyone who surely worked hard on their election. It matters. It will matter for reproductive rights, voting rights, civil rights and much more.

Ending eight years of a Republican in Government House, Wes Moore becomes Maryland's first Black governor, the only currently-serving Black governor, and only the third Black governor in history.

Too often, it seems parties are afraid of having two people of color or two women on a ticket, and a white man is sought for balance. I'm proud of Maryland's Democrats for not going that route in a state with no majority racial group. Aruna Miller is the first woman of color and first immigrant to be lieutenant governor. I'm looking forward to a woman in the top spot in Maryland one day. (Massachusetts put two women on its winning Democratic ticket, and Pennsylvania put a Jewish man and a Black man like Georgia's 2020 Senate races, so maybe this is ending at least in some parts of the country.)

The USA has a long way to go to achieve racial equality, and it's wonderful to see this progress. There's a live link here to watch the events.


I like to remind people that the only states that haven't had a Republican governor in this century are Washington and Oregon, so unless you are under 21 or from Cascadia, you can STFU about it because you have not lived your whole adult life under nothing but Democrats either.

There's no reason to look down on anyone who happens to live in a state or district that elected a Republican. If you're a citizen of the USA, you had a Republican president from 2017-2021 just like I did (and probably felt the same shame). Unless you voted for him, it wasn't your fault, and I hope you campaigned for Clinton like I did.

I am pleased to only have Democratic elected officials at every level from local to state to federal, but a whole lot of us just exchanged Republicans for Democrats. If you live in Maryland, Massachusetts, Arizona, or Pennsylvania, you just got a statewide upgrade for either governor or senator.

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@just_alex @TonyStark It was a pretty good state when I came here. But Republicans ruined it and the ruination draws more Republicans.


DeSantis has no legislative goals to actually address Florida’s many problems. None.

He is singularly focused on harming people his voters hate for little purpose other than to keep them voting in higher proportion. How much of his anti-gay, anti-trans, anti-immigrant, anti-educator, anti-science policies he really believes address problems is anyone’s guess. What is not in dispute is he is willing to harm people for power.

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