Biden has accomplished more in less than a year than the previous administration accomplished in the 4 years they were in charge for 2. And Biden didn’t have a bunch of cowardly Senators & Congresspeople groveling at his feet. He had a fractious group to deal with to bring about a compromise, a word missing from the Republican Party those 4 years of Trump and which continues to this day. Let’s give President Biden all the credit he so well deserves and coverage stop predicting his demise.

Legacy media bashing him for not having brought a magic wand to the White House doesn't help.

The bar they hold him to is as high as Everest.

The bar for Trump was person, woman, man, camera, TV.

Ronald Reagan’s approval rating in January 1983: 35%. There was talk of anyone else being the next President. A failure, the press said. A recession that was never ending, they said. 

He won in a 49 state landslide in November 1984 and left office with a 63% approval rating.

Bill Clinton’s approval rating in August 1993: 37%. The Incredible Shrinking President, Time Magazine declared. A strikeout, the press and the public insisted.

He won a landslide re-election in 1996 and left office in 2000 with a 66% approval rating. 

Franklin Roosevelt faced serious opposition and doubt midway through his first term, with New Deal programs challenged in courts and newspaper editorials claiming a loss of faith in his leadership. We all know how that worked out. 

I’m not suggesting all is well in Bidenland. There have been missteps, as all Presidencies have. Also, times are different.

But I am insisting that political fortunes have a way of turning dramatically.


Those of us who watch senators have long said that no one with a resume of Vanderbilt, UVA law school, and Oxford could be as dumb as this one who sullies the name of Senator Kennedy acts. Sure enough, it's an act. Last week, his treatment of Saule Omarova, President Biden's pick for comptroller of the currency, was a new low. He accused her of being a communist because she was forced to join the communist youth, as all young people in the Soviet Union were. Her family was persecuted in Communist Kazakhstan. Omarova is an American citizen who immigrated at age 25. She chose to come to the United States. She told Kennedy in the hearing that she gave up her Soviet citizenship. Kennedy called her "comrade" and tried to use the place of her birth to impugn her ability to do a job for which she is qualified.

Republicans cannot be allowed to control the Senate next year.

what a tool

@TonyStark I'm thankful for Jennifer Rubin's columns. Hard to believe that her column was called "Right Turn" when she was hired in 2009! I'm glad she saw the light.

That's a good list of things we can be thankful for. Reading the column is worth your time, but for those who can't access it, a brief synopsis:

Biden and his Cabinet

Attorney General Merrick and the DOJ actually doing its job

The House of Representatives passing useful bills and censuring out-of-control Republican representatives

The 1/6 Committee and Reps. Cheney and Kinzinger standing up for democracy

A single Senate Republican, Sen. Murkowski, who voted for voting rights

The Minneapolis jury that voted for justice for George Floyd's killer

New Yorkers for ousting an abusive governor and Californians for beating back a recall effort

Democratic governors and the few not-insane Republican ones

Groups protecting democracy and our military which also does so

Biden and his Cabinet are one of the things I will be most grateful for this Thanksgiving. I just wish that more of the press would use this as an example of what needs to be put into print (and on TV) more often. We would all benefit and it's fact.

@SteveRogers @TonyStark
At 6:30 AM, President Biden is reading his President's Daily Brief (PDB), drinking coffee, and eating toast.

The Former Guy woke up much later, then tweeted, then watched Fox and Friends and called into that show while his valet painted him orange. The Former Guy did not read his PDB and could not even absorb a simplified verbal version.

Thanks for this. Perhaps the press could talk up the good new more. During the trump years, it was always parroting trump’s “the economy is great” prefacing the litany of embarrassing and aberrant behavior. But the economy was not great.

This column itemizes the reasons why the media doom-and-gloom about Democrats and this administration is so much nonsense. Face it. We can all be thankful that we're all better off than we were one year ago. As this Jennifer Rubin column shows us, that message needs to be reported and, indeed, emphasized today and every day. I am very thankful, indeed.

A President who is a human being and trying to do the right thing for the country is no longer to be taken for granted.

Opinion | Giving thanks for democracy;
There is plenty to appreciate this year.

I'm not well off enough to afford personal security. Since I'm in more than one of those categories, my name stays offline.

Online harassment can feel like punching up to many. It is always, always punching down.

Who could have known that online harassment had a gendered/racial/homophobic/transphobic component to it? Every woman, POC, and LGBTQ+ person who has ever used the internet.

My first two days on a BBS, 30 years ago, I conducted an unplanned experiment. The first evening I used a version of my first name. I got many DMs from men, before I even posted a message in a forum. Obviously they saw my name in the users list. After the initial excitement that someone from another part of the world had messaged me, I stopped answering. They wanted to know things about me. I was a teenager.

As I looked through the forum list, I saw that people used handles, and the next night I created a new account, as my favorite character. It happened to be a male one. I got no messages from strangers except in response to things I posted in forums. On topic about politics and TV.

People wonder why we choose characters here.


Remember how TFG used to claim he had the greatest economy in the history of human civilization, and that was based entirely on unemployment and the stock market?

Gosh, both are better now than they were even in 2019.

Let's review: the various jobs reports are all very encouraging, GDP is growing and is anticipated to be roaring by 2022, and wages are up. Interest rates for loans/mortgages are still at historically low levels. Inflation is up, but it’s a global phenomenon. The infrastructure bill was passed and the dollars/projects should kick off in this fiscal year.

Democrats should be able to trumpet real progress for Americans - and tell the voters that the Republicans have nothing to present but fear and lies.

Now we need to pass the Build Back Better bill.

US jobless claims hit 52-year low after seasonal adjustments - abcn.ws/3nPv9Is

If not for the video which leaked, this conviction is highly unlikely.

That's no way to run a society, when the only hope for justice for some people (*after* they are killed) is when a bystander takes video and it happens to go viral or someone leaks it.

US justice is still walking a very thin line. Like so many other institutions, the justice system needs to be repaired. The only victory is when this stops happening but it's some justice for now.

Three men found guilty of felony murder in death of Ahmaud Arbery-

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