Everyone's running for Senate! :pa:

I still think Fetterman has the best chance of winning and I've liked him since he ran in 2016.

I'm also a Malcolm Kenyatta fan and like him in the state house. I could see him in the US House, but don’t trust racist, homophobic PA to elect a gay, Black man for Senate next year.

I don't know anything bad about Sharif Street other than his crime family, but he ran unsuccessfully for city council then state house before winning the state senate seat. He wouldn't have to give it up because his seat isn't up until 2024, but I don't see him winning either.

Mongtomery County's vaccination is a mess. I don't know that Val Arkoosh is to blame, but I’d want my county commissioner working on a better rollout before she got my vote for senator.

Dean, Houlahan, and Lamb are just rumors at this point. Please hold those House seats!

The Republicans? None worth a damn. We didn’t want Bartos last time and Sean Gale is talking about socialists and communists.

PA would be fortunate to have a Senator who is there for the people and not their own political purposes for the first time in awhile.

Lt. Governor Fetterman represents the best chance of winning and has the needed experience. The other Dems running have important jobs and other futures, I think.

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