It's been fun to watch our PA Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman troll Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick over all of the voter fraud in the 2020 election being committed by Republicans. Fetterman asked that he get his reward for reporting the "dude in Forty Fort" in Sheetz gift cards.

Rachel Maddow just reported that Dan Patrick just paid a $25,000 check - not Sheetz or Wawa cards - to a different PA dude, Democratic poll worker Eric Frank from Chester County. The double-voting Republican’s lawyer said it was a mistake and blames the Democratic poll worker!

@phillyaccent Here's hoping Dan Patrick goes broke paying these out. It was a stupid bet to make considering Republicans' record of dead grandmas casting Trump votes.

Omg, I was watching& it was hilarious! He asked the poll worker if he could do it& was told it was illegal, then still showed up an hour or two later to try. No mistake, just a blooming idiot! Good on the poll worker for catching him!

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