@dcooper_resists While he is a definite hero, it’s not that simple. We all just can’t sit around hoping a Vet is present. That’s the wrong message. That message isn’t the solution to violence against the LGBTQ community.


@Sunspot @dcooper_resists 💯​ How about people with violent history and posting hate about us don't have access to guns? That's the problem. I'm glad Major Fierro ran into danger to protect his family and friends that night but it's our Supreme Court that failed to protect all of us and states like mine that have gun laws that are too lax. Vets and other citizens out at a bar shouldn't need to stop shooters.

@dcooper_resists @Sunspot @phillyaccent Planning on having someone handy to stop a shooter is a bad plan. There are far too many examples of why it doesn’t work and puts the blame onto victims who didn’t benefit from such a thing. Exceptional person but not a plan anyone can depend on or ask for. It’s awfully close to a “good guy with a gun” will stop all the shootings. That isn’t happening, either.

@Sunspot @dcooper_resists @phillyaccent In this case the blame is even lower then the Supreme Court or state. Those people were killed because the sheriff refused to enforce red flag laws and the DA didn’t pursue charges from a prior bomb threat and kidnapping incident. They are accomplices to this terrorist attack.

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