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Welcome to all the Twitter refugees! 👋

Mastodon and the Fediverse does NOT use NFTs or blockchain or cryptocurrencies. No one is on here trying to get rich, no one is promoting anything.

The Fediverse (which Mastodon is part of) is a federated computer network spread across thousands of independently owned and operated servers. The millions of people on the Fedi can interact with each other regardless of which server they signed up on, because the servers talk to each other through federation.

Federation is a proven and stable way to make a network, it's how telephones and email work for example. It's how social networks should be.

We aren't trying to break anything or compete with anyone. There are no shareholders or venture capitalists. Instead, we work together, donating time or money, and collaborate to make a better social network for its own sake.

Here are some hints and tips for new users:

#Fediverse #Mastodon #FediTips #MastoTips #Introduction

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One of Sinema's biggest donors in 2018, EMILY'S List, is tired of her BS.

“Electing Democratic pro-choice women is not possible without free and fair elections. Protecting the right to choose is not possible without access to the ballot box,” the group wrote.

“So, we want to make it clear: if Sen. Sinema can not support a path forward for the passage of this legislation, we believe she undermines the foundations of our democracy, her own path to victory and also the mission of EMILY’s List, and we will be unable to endorse her moving forward,” the group added.

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Imagine being the biggest asshole on this particular Supreme Court.

If SCOTUS justices were worried about their reputation before this, it's been solidified now. No thinking person will see their decisions as being above politics. But then, maybe they think it's fine, now that they've achieved their 6-3 imbalance.

Gorsuch didn't mask despite Sotomayor's COVID worries, leading her to telework:

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Wait a minute, Republicans are part of this visit? The same ones that won't support democracy in our country though the Voting Rights Act? What hypocrisy. They go all the way to Ukraine to support their democracy, free them of the Russian invasion? Oh, the irony.

Bipartisan group of senators meet with Ukraine President Zelenskyy as Russian troops amass on border:

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@TonyStark Why Tony started the instance

I'm glad to be part of this team!

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Is that your article summary or a quote?

There really isn't much anyone can do about Manchin and Sinema. I get the feeling on occasion that some Democratic voters think Biden should hold them down and best them over the head. Besides the assault charges, it still wouldn't work.

What we need, in my opinion, is to stick to the Biden agenda and be proud of it. While Democratic voters are reluctant to appear like the Trump-worshipping cult and there's really no reason for us to do that, we are far, far too reticent to be behind and praise Democratic accomplishments.

There is a reason to be a united front against Republicans.

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The right’s playbook: take any issue that is even being discussed, contemplated, or studied and turn it into “they’re trying to tell me x isn’t OK (or to cancel x) or like Rodgers, the "woke" people came for me.

I definitely agree that blaming people caring about other people isn't the problem and as I said the other day, the way to get voters is absolutely not to turn into Republicans, which is what I see an awful lot of call for in the press.

But also, as you've said, having a public perception of getting things done for people is important. That's one big thing TFG has zero accomplishments on and we as progressives shouldn't miss those opportunities.

People seem to be confused at how a free market works. They don't recognize that, without controls, free markets lead to monopolies, and monopolies lead to all kinds of issues. Interesting article here -

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Roads, bridges, major projects: $110 billion

Passenger and freight rail: $66 billion

Public transit: $39 billion

Airports: $25 billion

Port infrastructure: $17 billion

Transportation safety programs: $11 billion

Electric vehicles: $7.5 billion

Zero and low-emission buses and ferries: $7.5 billion

Revitalization of communities: $1 billion

Other infrastructure:

Broadband: $65 billion

Power infrastructure: $73 billion

Clean drinking water: $55 billion

Resilience and Western water storage: $50 billion

Removal of pollution from water and soil: $21 billion

This bill will provide good jobs, important environmental action, and help to fire up the already growing economy under President Biden.

A moment of victory for Democrats, Biden and most importantly, every American who will benefit which will be all, even in the areas where the representative of that district voted against. TFG promises, but Biden and Pelosi deliver.

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The Texas abortion rights lawsuit before SCOTUS immediately affects pregnant people who need abortion care, but it's about much more.

If SCOTUS lets the law stand, it says to federal courts that they are powerless against whatever states pass, no matter how flagrantly unconstitutional.

Since 1973, SCOTUS has ruled multiple times that states cannot declare abortion illegal before fetal viability (no matter how much it has let states chip away at the actual ability to access care by targeting clinics with laws about width of doorways). This Texas law does make abortion illegal at six weeks, just with no state enforcement, only a private right to collect huge sums from anyone who performs or helps anyone get an abortion. SCOTUS told lower courts to shut up, you're powerless.

If SCOTUS lets this stand, what unconstitutional law will your state pass, now that precedent says that federal courts cannot stop state laws?

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I would also add that the point of student loans was supposed to be to help people get an education, not a cash flow opportunity for anyone.

I think this analysis is forgetting all the changes in people's lives if they suddenly discovered they were no longer in debt for student loans. Cars and houses will be bought, tools, clothing, everything that those burdened with debt have to forgo. The analysis is incomplete. It also says "outstanding loans" when calculating what it would lose, which means basically that they would NOT collect the interest into the future if they canceled the loans. But, if they were all canceled today, they shouldn't figure the future interest in that calculation. But, what they also don't say, is if they canceled loans, collected taxes on the new expenditures of those debt-free people, AND taxed the filthy rich, the government would come out ahead.

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UAE 🇦🇪 COVID-19 current stats for Thu Oct 28 2021

Cases: 739,654
Deaths: 2,135
Recovered: 733,782
Active: 3,737
Tests: 92,486,713
Doses: 20,940,231


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Climate change is a risk to national security, the Pentagon says

Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks says the effects of climate change are already being felt. Storms have damaged U.S. bases and rising seas could submerge U.S. installations in the Pacific.

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The answer is to elect more and better Democrats so one or two don't get to obstruct everything. It's not to give up, as I know you're not.

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Here's one I met today. "Vaccines work but not on transmission." Uh, huh?

That's the whole deal. You're vaccinated. You don't transmit it. Did one of the dead right-wing radio hosts tell them that? Great decision making there.

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