Time for another revisit to a Twitter thread, this time a thread from 2018 about the difference between external and internal awareness, as it manifests in people in terms of activism and the like.

You always start with external awareness, discovering that injustice exists in the world, somewhere. It may be a single Event, like a natural disaster, on an ongoing Cause, like poverty, forced labour, war, oppression of a particular ethnic group, and so forth.

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Try this fun game.

Imagine you live a hundred years.
That's 36,525 days.
Imagine you get to spend 20,000 dollars a day, every single day.

Yup you're a newborn spending 20 k a day, stay with me.

You'd die a 100 years later and you would have spent 730,500,000. That's 730.5 million dollars.

You'd be very rich, but still would not be able to call yourself a billionaire.

No one "earns" that. No one needs that.

Billionaires should not exist.

Edit: Ajusted for leap years.

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So proud to see this come from the Inquirer. NYT's editors need to be held accountable.

The NYT should tell readers whether it helped crooked FBI agents get Trump elected in 2016

California has implemented some new permanent COVID-19 regulations. The regulations require that employees shall receive training regarding COVID-19, must be informed of COVID cases in the workplace, and be protected with air filtration through MERV-13 or higher filters. Regulations like these implemented at the state or national level would help to ensure safer workplaces, events, and commercial environments.

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LEGO fans, hate to break it to you but things are a bit concerning over there. Perfect for the little builder in your life!

“Play-inspiring characters: Kids get to play out exciting stories with 2 police officer and 2 crook minifigures, plus a dog figure.”


16 year old eloquently discusses the importance of social media for de-stigmatizing mental health issues.

Also rightfully points out "correlation is not causation" regarding the data presented about teen depression and social media.

Beautifully put.

Eagle Forum comments that the bill is better because it gets rid of the "government papers" requirement for age verification.

Y'all know that basically guarantees facial recognition then right? That's better? For adults too....that's cool with you?

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US pol, Utah, digital rights for children 

Thread on public responses to a proposed Utah law to require parents of kids under 16 to explicitly authorize their children's access to social media.


Reading #The1619Project enlightened, saddened, moved, and enraged me to a point where I had to stop after chapter 7, a point that took me a year to reach.

I hesitated to watch the #Hulu series, The #1619 Project, a 6 part series that premiered the end of January, because I was afraid of how it would make me feel.

Having just watched episode 1, that concern was valid because it provoked all the same visceral responses in me as the book.

"Just move" white people say.

Fuck you, I say. Fuck you.

The problem with rockstar developers is that a high performing team is an orchestra and rockstars don’t play well in orchestras.

The Bakersfield Burrito Project does so much with so little, and as a 501(c)(3), they primarily depend on donations to do it.

So if you've got a few extra dollars you can spare, consider helping out some hungry and unhoused folks who could use a hand.

It'd really mean a lot to me. ♥️


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IMPORTANT: Bot/App Developer #MastodonMigration

📢 For #TwitterAPI devs ➡️ See this list of Apps/Bots heading to #Mastodon—add your service if you're leaving before the free API shutdown in days:


And see the good 🤖 #bots moving over here:

Please share to all bot Developers who have already made the jump, and on Twitter, please amplify this tweet:


Black History Month "Profit Without Oppression" Book Events

Radio Interviews: [Can be accessed on the Audacy App or online]

1380 WAOK
Feb. 6 at 11:30 - 11:45


4B Loft [2293 Peachtree Rd Unit B, Atlanta, GA 30309]
Feb 15 at 8:30-8:45/9:00

Book Signing
APEX Museum
Feb. 25 at 6 pm

The Cherokee Nation is still waiting for the US to seat the delegate promised to it by an 1835 treaty.

' “Our ancestors upheld their end of the bargain—after being forced to leave their homes and march to the west ...,” Chuck Hoskin Jr., the principal chief of the Cherokee Nation, wrote in a letter to House leadership this week. “Yet, two centuries later, the U.S. House still has yet to seat the delegate we were promised.” '

#Cherokee #USCongress #IndianTreaties


Yooooo you guys I'm slowly getting Farm to Taber shaped up into a proper podcast.

Here it is on Apple Podcasts! And the Whaling & Agribusiness episode is now public!


The death of the Twitter API probably means the end of @resistbot on that platform. Which is a shame. It will lose difficult-to-replace reach.
But, if Twitter shuts off access, remember Resistbot is also avail on Apple Messages, Telegram, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, and old reliable SMS. Learn more: resist.bot #CivicEngagement

Does anyone know of any municipalities or other lower level governments using mastodon, etc? Seem to recall some set up instances for the whole city?

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