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I’m new to Mastodon! Well, mostly. I was on another instance but there wasn’t any moderator around.

I am done with Facebook and Twitter, for privacy and for suspending accounts for minor reasons or no reason and for the use of algorithms and last but not least, the ads.

I own a small business in a big city. I am a mom to 3 kids and 1 dog and 1 cat.

I read that one writes an introduction here so hello and I hope to find a new social media home.


I'm not thanking Joe Biden since high gas prices weren't his fault to start with, but since Republicans blamed him, they really should thank him for the fall.

Average US gas price falls below $4 per gallon-

Waiting for Republicans to scream in Congress about how judges need extra protection from....oh wait. How embarrassing.

Not to worry. I'm sure GOP leadership and right wing media will demand he gets protection like they did for SCOTUS judges who got visitors with signs and colored chalk.

Far-Right Extremists Are Violently Threatening the Trump Search-Warrant Judge:

Did they walk in with ten boxes of evidence? Pretty sure that's all on film.

Amazing how Ron Desantis is crying about the "weaponizing" of the federal government against the GOP when he gladly weaponized his state government against Disney World.

I'm reading one indignant Trump loyalist comment after another complaining that this event is "unprecedented."

Not one of them seems to appreciate that the fact that it's never been necessary for the FBI to search the property of a ex-president before now is a good thing. Guess they're in too much of a snit to be thinking about that.

If they had any sense, they'd be distancing themselves as far as possible and being quiet. Because their current reaction indicates that what the FBI found at Mar-a-Lago is devastating.

Trump World hasn’t thought through its ‘planted evidence’ claim-

"So there are five people taking the Fifth Amendment. Like you see on the mob, right? You see the mob takes the Fifth. If you’re innocent why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?”
-Donald Trump (2016)

Damn, I have one of those terrible low flush toilets.

I can't flush all those presidential documents that I have been saving.

Donald Trump finally got his wish that he has been adamantly voicing since 2016 that the FBI confiscate classified documents being held in outside, unsecured places.

Opinion | Dystopian nightmare! FBI obtains warrant, conducts search!-

Meanwhile, Democrats have passed legislation to fight inflation, reduce healthcare costs, save lives, and fight fraud.

But yeah, the other side wants a civil war because their cult leader is a criminal.

Hope all his supporters rush on down to Mar-a-Lago and set up on the golf course and grounds to be there for their leader. They have the pool and dining areas to use. I know DJT would be thrilled for them to come on down.

After Mar-a-Lago search, users on pro-Trump forums agitate for ‘civil war’ — including a Jan. 6 rioter-

Is pretty funny that it is true that Trump told everyone he got raided. Otherwise, it wouldn't be out there. Some genius

Anyways, let it fly.

Justice Dept. seeks to unseal search warrant of Trump home:

The cognitive dissonance needed to keep supporting Trump in the face of undeniable evidence of his crimes will cause his people to lose their shit in a myriad of fucked up ways and we can expect the next few months to be an epic shitshow of Trumpist temper tantrums.

Doesn't help that the right and their shitty platforms won't moderate against it and that Trump and even Senators like Marco Rubio are out there winding it up.

Man who fired nail gun at FBI building called for violence in days after Mar-a-Lago search-

528,000 jobs added.

Total unemployment at 3.5%, a 50 year low.

12 U.S. states have unemployment rates under 3%.

911 terrorist deleted.

CHIPS Act passed.

PACT Act passed expanding care for Veterans.

Inflation Reduction Act in progress.

Gas prices at 53 day low and dropping.

Kansas protects women’s right to choose.

Democrats and Joe Biden, take credit.

And go ahead, Republicans! Take credit for :

Supporting forced births.

The higher number of American Covid deaths.


Making it harder to vote.

Climate change inaction.

Failed coup and ongoing coverup.

Loving Putin and Orban.

Hating LGBTQ people.

Destroying education.

Party hacks legislating from the bench.

Trying hard to do away with democracy.

Payrolls increased 528,000 in July, much better than expected in a sign of strength for jobs market-

I'm so happy to see this. Alex Jones is perhaps the most morally repugnant figure in public life in my lifetime, bar Trump. I hope the remaining lawsuits utterly destroy the business empire he built on the backs of the murdered children's families he called "crisis actors," and I hope further families victimized by his evil grift to his gullible and violent base who haven't already taken him to court clean out what's left after that.

A jury tags Alex Jones with $45.2 million in punitive damages for 2 Sandy Hook parents-

I visited some friends who are working with a pet rescue group as foster parents.

Kierah was not happy when i got home smelling of strange kittens.😾😹😻

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