The carried interest provision was meant to raise only $13 billion, which is less than 5% of the overall Inflation Reduction Act bill. So this won't be expected to tank the prospects or blow up the math of the overall bill.

Get this done, Dems. Let’s see Senate passage this weekend, then the House next week, and finally off to the President’s desk to sign.

Is it enough? No, but, it’s still the Democrats getting something real done again…week after week.

With Senators Manchin and Sinema both on board, the U.S. has a very real chance of getting our biggest national climate package ever codified into law, in addition to expanding health care and taxing corporations.

It's go time. Help make sure every Democrat in Congress votes for the .

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema signs off on Democrats’ big agenda bill, paving the way for Senate passage-


@TonyStark We get a good bill and Ruben Gallego gets some stuff for his campaign ad if we have to primary her.


Is it an if or a when at this point?

I already think "senator" every time I see Gallego now.

I'm glad she's not blocking this bill, of course.


@MariaHill @TonyStark It's up to her. She has time to get back to what we elected her for, but time's running out....

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