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I think voters ruled him out, but okay.

He'll be much too busy defending the insider trading case, anyway. ๐Ÿ‘‹

Perdue rules out Georgia Senate comeback in 2022:

Yeah, Republicans don't have any maneuvering room on saying they're offended by tweets.

Anyway, Susan Collins is "the worst," Tom Cotton "is a fraud," and "vampires have more heart than Ted Cruz."

These are very good, accurate tweets.

Opinion | Now Republicans are offended by mean tweets?
Neera Tanden is far better than others Senate Republicans confirmed in the past:

And that's why regulating public utilities, instead of privatizing them and not regulating them, is a good idea. Don't vote Republican. And don't fall for the so-called "freedoms" of libertarianism.

Texans were promised cheaper electricity. They got a little, but their provider is allowed to charge whatever they want when "demand is high." Thatโ€™s what privatization and ending regulation does.

Watch Texans' own governor try to pretend he didn't know this was was possibilty. if he doesn't resign in incompetent shame first.

His Lights Stayed on During Texasโ€™ Storm. Now He Owes $16,752:

500,000 dead on their watch and they still want to tell us how it all should be run.

Since Republicans have gotten economic policy right (checks history) never - excuse me if I toss your useless advice, Steve Scalise another fawning Trump enabler, and Tim Phillips, President of a libertarian, Koch Brothers-backed organization.

Itโ€™s the Former Guy's and Republicanโ€™s failed leadership that helped get us to this moment. If they'd have advocated mask-wearing and proper social distancing early on or even at any point, things wouldn't be as bad as they are now. Give us all a break.

The mute button on my MacBook is getting a workout today, thanks to Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz.

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From two losers that brought you "tax cuts for billionaires and corporations will pay for themselves."

Hell, no.

I know we're all busy, but let's take a moment to pause and appreciate Donald's suffering today.

Supreme Court denies election appeal from Pennsylvania Republicans:


Keep those rollbacks coming. I'd like to see some elected Republicans try and pass it anyway!

From CNN: Biden administration rolls back Trump-era citizenship civics test

I just want to remind everyone that the PPP program was designed and crafted by House Democrats and put into legislation via the CARES ACT.ย 

The former guy replaced the oversight with his own political lackeys and hacks...and then went about distributing a lot of the money to his buddies and donors.

President Biden is doing what he can to fix the problems.ย The people the PPP was intended for will finally start to get the bulk of the money instead of corporate thieves.
Biden criticizes earlier roll out of PPP as his administration changes rules to help smaller businesses:

The consequences of the Big Lie are going to come down on all of the people who spread it, and I couldn't be happier. The MyPillow guy, he's not so much.

Dominion sues MyPillow founder for $1.3 billion over election conspiracy theories: The lawsuit is Dominion's third against Trump allies since the election-

@TonyStark I love how they think we didn't notice their sudden need to worry about the debt once the President changed over.

Help Texas.

This article gives ways to get help, give help, provide help for people and animals, how to donate and what to donate, and the best ways to support those efforts.

We can help them vote better later. Let's help them survive now.

How to Help Texans Recover From the Winter Disaster-
These organizations could really use your time or money:

Steve Scalise, in an interview on ABC this morning, would not answer if he thought that Joe Biden was the legitimately elected President.

Every journalist should start with that question as a prerequisite for every Republican they interview, and if they don't acknowledge that Biden was fairly elected, the interview should end there. If Republicans don't believe in our system, then don't participate in it or seek to represent it. Same election, by the way, that elected Scalise.ย 

A life without Republicans sounds really good, actually.

Opinion | Pundits are wrong. We donโ€™t need a functional GOP:

A party based on bad ideas doesn't help democracy.

Ad hoc groups of overarmed and conspiracy-minded weekend warriors are the opposite of a well-regulated militia.

We do need the reasonable among us to wrest control of the gun debate.

If the heavily armed people seen gathered in front of state capitols were truly interested in only making their views known, they would have left their guns at home. Instead, they clearly signal by their weaponry and other โ€œtacticalโ€ gear that they want to intimidate and do harm.

Other groups also gather and demonstrate in front of our statehouses. Instead of presenting the appearance of a fascist's personal protection detail, these groups are dressed like the average citizens they are.

More Americans want reasonable national gun safety laws than don't and it's time we demand them.

Opinion | We canโ€™t let the gun imperialists win again-
We need the reasonable among us to wrest control of the gun debate:

Please be prepared to tell your legislative representatives in DC to support this citizenship bill. This is a promise that we must keep.

Democrats to formally introduce Bidenโ€™s citizenship bill - The Washington Post

You canโ€™t make America great again by selling everyone a red hat and charging the government $4 for a glass of water at your fleabag hotel. Until we pony up and invest in the nuts and bolts of economic activity (like roads and electric grids) we will be as deficient economically as we were politically on January 6.

Everything in Biden's plan is absolutely necessary. Take back the tax break to the 1%.

Democrats and Independents in the Senate, get this done without Republicans or find the few that are willing to work with you. Pass

Mostly united over covid relief, Democrats face divisions over Bidenโ€™s massive second economic plan-

I know it's been a little while but this is how you President and work with the rest of the world.

Biden to announce billions in aid for global vaccine effort at G7 -

2024's hottest bumper sticker: TED FLED.

I would say Ted Cruz abandoned his ethics, but feel I must point out Ted has never had any ethics and therefore cannot abandon them.

Then there are the Jamie Raskins of this world, from the same generation, working through profound personal grief to hold a lawless con artist to account for acts of treachery, sedition, and wanton cruelty and expose the despicable men, like Senator Cruz himself, who abetted him.

What a difference.

Senator Ted Cruz left Texas for Cancรบn as the state was battered by a brutal winter storm.

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